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Wherever we go and whatever we do, we are discovering the internet for things to buy within seconds. And our expectations for a good web shop are not little. We demand a lot. We want it to understand our needs, have an eye-catching user interface on all of our different devices and, of course, sell products with sound prices. We interact with businesses through many different channels – Internet, telephone, email, fax, and increasingly mobile- from initial search and research to post-purchase support and service. But it is not easy for a company to meet all those requirements independently if you are active within the B2C or B2B market. A customer knows the brand, BUT they don´t differ between channels to engage with you, and they are expecting that all provided information is available at every touch point at any point of time.

hybris is an omni channel platform that supports companies to meet those customer expectations by connecting all channels to provide always a single view to the customer, not depending on which channel (Online, Shop/Sales, Telephone,…) engages with us. This ensures short response times, a faster delivery and gives current inventory figures. It helps businesses to convert to a real Omni Commerce approach by delivering state-of-the-art Product Content Management Platforms, Front Ends and unified business processes. It provides a company with a single view on their customers, products and sales orders and the customer with a perfect view on the business. It even helps to collect data about customer purchasing behavior and so increases the customer’s shopping experience. hybris is a platform built on Java and is open for innovations to represent your needs and gives flexibility to all sizes of businesses.


“YOU want a single view of THEM.

THEY want a single view of YOU.

You think of it as multi-channel.

They think of it as


But what is so special about hybris?

hybris understood that customers demand not only digital commerce but as well force businesses to have physical service. A study initiated by hybris among 500 US citizens of different age, income level and gender shows that two thirds of customers require in-shop service from their preferred retailer. This customer-centric approach is named OmniCommerce and requires a lot technological effort from a company. These new commerce technologies should be robust, flexible, scalable and channel agnostic so that companies are enabled to capitalize on the physical and digital convergence, and deliver a differentiated commerce experience.

And what has all this to do with itelligence?

hybris is a newly acquired SAP company and, as an SAP Partner, we establish hybris within midmarket. hybris will bring our customers a boost in order amounts, optimized lifetime customer values, and fostered gains in loyalty and customer intimacy.

Want to learn more about hybris? Then write a comment or contact me. I am looking forward to reading and hearing your thoughts.

— by Mark Albrecht, Vice President Global Business Solutions, itelligence —

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