Stan Cawsey

Senior Director – UK Consulting Services

I have a eighteen year history working with SAP in a variety of customer and consulting engagements including sales management, performing key roles of strategic client engagement and the development of strategic initiatives as well as project and programme delivery.

My focus is predominantly client facing engagements and I have sold and delivered a wide variety of successful projects across all industry sectors, in particular with blue-chip clients such as AZ Electronics, TFL, Informa, RS Components and Centrica.

My background is in computer science and after graduating with a 1st class honours from the University of Liverpool, I spent 8 years implementing and managing in-house business applications across a wide range of business areas including sale and order processing, planning and manufacturing and finance and management information systems.

Over the last 15 years my focus has been on developing and growing businesses across a variety of areas and for a range of consultancies, small and large. This includes a significant client contact both in sales, pre-sales and delivery; my most recent role before joining itelligence was Business Unit Director at Absoft Limited where I was responsible for the successful integration of Hexarus into Absoft.

My role at itelligence is Director of Project Delivery; I am responsible for the delivery and execution of itelligence projects across all divisions and for ensuring that our service delivery standards meet expectations and projects conclude with a successful outcome.

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