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Master Data – everybody needs it, nobody wants to handle it.

Master Data Quality is, as we all know, the basis for good processes and reliable reports in an SAP system.

Master Data is an essential part of business that nearly every department needs access to; unfortunately bad master data quality leads to issues in businesses.

Do these challenges keep you up at night?

  • Inconsistent stock levels
  • Staff focused on time intensive tasks rather than on strategic tasks which support business growth
  • Keeping information updated and error free
  • Your business has multi-locations and as more people become involved in processes there is a growing need for an authorisations workflow.

If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions:

  • Is the creation of your master data too time-consuming, complicated and error-prone?
  • Do too many people have access to the individual fields in your master data?
  • Is it difficult to extend one material number to many locations without a lot of additional effort?

itelligence and its solution to simplify Master Data, it.mds, can help. How?

  • it.mds supports you to maintain the master data objects material, customer, vendor and purchasing inforecord.
  • All rules are maintained in it.mds to use them for automation rather than in people’s heads or in dusty folders.
  • These rules thus cannot be avoided in the creation of and any changes made to master data, which secures high master data quality.
  • Besides data quality, there is a governance process which is built as part of it.mds, so that content and processes can be administered in an integrated way.
  • it.mds also provides a clear interface, which only contains the fields which are relevant for you.
  • Authorisation and responsibilities can be defined on field level in it.mds.
  • You can extend one object to many locations also in the same automated way.

Master Data Maintenance - it.mds


ROI for it.mds

An example of the return on investment for it.mds can be found in the case study “Nilfisk-Advance Eliminates the Need for Millions of Manual Keystrokes.” In this case study, Nilfisk-Advance explain how they were able to reduce the number of entries required for one material number in 61 locations from 3,615 to 199, saving thousands of hours each year.

There are many ways to learn more about it.mds

• Download our white paper “Master Data Management Excellence – A Best Practice Setup
• Watch the it.mds whiteboard video, below
Read a case study demonstrating how we helped global manufacturing firm Nilfisk-Advance simplify its master data
• Register your place at our it.mds webinar on 19th August
Contact our experts for more information or to answer specific questions

Watch our it.mds automated master data maintenance whiteboard video



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