CEP Service Providers Integration – it.x-press

it.x-press slots seamlessly with your SAP system, enabling constant monitoring for the process from placement to delivery

Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • Your packages are being delivered late
  • You are spending too much on your packages
  • Your shipping process is ineffective

If you are experiencing challenges like these, itelligence have developed it.x-press to help overcome all of these issues.

CEP service providers integration

it.x-press allows you to incorporate business processes from the complete shipping procedure to invoice verification.

it.x-press really is peace of mind so you always know where your shipment is and could prevent any monetary losses from missing parcels.


How it.x-press works


Direct Electronic Connection of Courier, Express and Package (CEP) Service Providers with it.x-press allows you to:

  • Keep on track with it.x-press and SAP
  • Deliver on time and budget with it.x-press and SAP
  • Never lose out with it.x-press and SAP
  • it.x-press + SAP = on track parcels

There are many ways to learn more about it.x-press


Watch our video “Introducing it.x-press – CEP Service Providers Integration”



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