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Help complement your SAP solution and automate lengthy business processes with it.approval

Businesses such as yours will be striving to gain the best results within your sector, but you could be overlooking something that is seen as a relatively simple process – such as invoicing.

The document approval process – do these challenges sound familiar?

  • The invoicing process is lengthy and has vast room for errors to be made and consumes the time of the people managing it.
  • Internal processes are difficult to manage efficiently and often create problems such as errors down to manual processes and can take over employees’ daily work life, meaning administration is consuming unnecessary time.

Let itelligence help

In order to get the most from your staff and process, automation is the way forward. Automating the document approval process will allow your business to focus on the important projects and eradicate time-wasting jobs.

Electronic document approval system

it.approval is a complete solution for approval of different business documents. The solution provides workflow support for the users in creating, validating and approving documents in an efficient and user friendly way.

it.approval supports creation and approval of invoices with and without reference to a purchase order. It can highlight deviation between orders and invoice and trigger the required workflow.

it.approval is a complete system for managing incoming and outgoing invoices for SAP users – ensuring traceability and transparency.

Implementing an electronic document approval system allows you to:

  • Manage inefficiencies
  • Manage the process
  • Gain greater control
  • Minimise errors
  • Save time and resources

itelligence places great emphasis on the power of gaining control with manual processes. Software such as it.approval takes control of the lengthy invoicing process and the advantages add significant gains to your business effectiveness.

ROI from use case at JYSK (Danish retailer):
“JYSK are now handling 70 percent of about 25,000 annual invoices electronically….With an estimate that JYSK can reach a target of 90 percent of invoices received electronically….We are working hard to raise the percentage, because our savings in cost and time grow along with it.
“We are saving a lot of money due to higher transparency. The initiator of an activity can quickly get an overview of the invoices related to it. The path from invoice to action is now short, and the financial department is no longer a bottleneck.”

Uffe Christensen, Financial Manager at JYSK.

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