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SAP ERP Application Modules

ByDesign is a cloud-based solution designed to solve all of your business problems with a single solution, delivered through a number of different ERP modules that can be added, either all in one go, or as you need them.

All SAP application modules and sections are designed to work together and give you a real-time view of your business processes.

Our SAP ERP ByDesign modules include:

Financials – Includes financial and management accounting and cash-flow management and, unlike your current financial solutions, it gives a real-time view of your businesses financial condition.

Customer relationship management – The CRM module covers sales (including account and activity management, new business, sales planning), marketing development and campaign management, and customer service solutions including service and repair.

Human resources management – Helps define and manage your business’ organisational structure, manages human resources needs, and gives employees self-service modules.

Project management – Create projects, see the status of a project and manage them day to day.

Supply chain management – This SAP module covers supply chain planning, management and control, and includes modules for manufacturing, warehousing and logistics.

Supplier relationship management – Manage your relationships with your suppliers, streamline your procurement processes and see where cost reductions can be made and perform self-service procurement.

Compliance management – This SAP module helps maintain compliance with the ever changing laws and regulations and helps your business to meet regulatory standards.

Executive management support – Includes features to help your management teams to control the business, and make better strategic decisions about the business.

itelligence a single integrator for ByDesign

Unlike other ByDesign consultancies, itelligence has skills in building and supporting ALL of the SAP ByDesign modules and can help guide your business through the process of moving your current solutions to ByDesign.

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