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Free Webinar: Improve Your Customer Service

20/11/2020 – 20/11/2020

Be an Innovation Leader in Customer Experience by Using Digital Human Assistants Would you like to discover more about “Digital Human Assistants”, how to use such technology to improve the Customer Experience and find out about…

Free Webinar: Efficient Incentive Management

30/11/2020 – 30/11/2020

Improve Your Customer Satisfaction and Manage Your Incentives Digitally If you are familiar with the pain of handling external spreadsheets and data silos, excessive manual transactions and processes, or have no centralised management of programmes,…

Free Webinar: Integrated Supplier Collaboration

07/12/2020 – 07/12/2020

Work More Collaboratively With Your Direct Spend Suppliers – With Our Solution direct spend portal Are you looking to learn more about the automation and simplification of vendor relationships, improvement of master data quality…


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