BW Housekeeping Knowledge Transfer Session Recording


This course looks at BW housekeeping from an application management perspective.

Part 1- Why do housekeeping? Plus how to spot on-going system problems

1) Why do we need to do housekeeping on BW systems?

2) How can we see how the system is performing?

3) How can we see if there are any chronic problems?

4) BW technical Content – the case for & against

Part 2- Housekeeping Tasks

1) Table trimming, breaking out into:

a) System tables

b) old data in staging tables

2) Cube maintenance, breaking out into:

a)compression & aggregates

b) indexes

c) DB stats

3) Query cache settings

4) BEx Query & workbook housekeeping

5) Process Housekeeping & engaging with the users – do we really still need to load all this data?

6) What do the users think about using the system, and how can we help them get more out of it?

BW Housekeeping Webinar Recording


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