Webinar: How SAP GRC can accelerate your GDPR readiness


How SAP GRC can accelerate your GDPR readiness

When it comes into play from May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will dramatically change the way companies must handle personal data. If your business runs SAP, then it’s likely to hold a large amount of information that could be considered personal data, which means it will be critical to ensure SAP remains fully secure and compliant. While this can be a major challenge, the tools that exist with SAP’s GRC suite can automate many of the processes involved and help accelerate your organisation’s GDPR readiness.

In this guest webinar, Richard Hunt, Managing Director of leading SAP GRC specialist, Turnkey Consulting explores how SAP GRC can help companies prepare for GDPR – from both an access and compliance management perspective. Specifically, we  cover:

  • How to leverage SAP Access Control to ensure personal data access is restricted only to those that need it
  • Integrating Privacy by Design obligations & Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIAs) into your ways of working
  • Implementing new controls, such as DPIA and breach identification/notification
  • Integrating your complete control framework using SAP Process Control
  • Building a repository of GDPR content to ensure you can demonstrate compliance
  • Documenting compliance activities in a systematic way

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