How to manage your documents via it.capture & it.approval


Join us for a special webinar dedicated to helping you streamline your business documents, find out how you can use it.smartscan and it.approval to work on your documents and make life easier.

If you work in the finance function or need  to work with a vast amount of documents on a daily basis then make sure you join this webinar and find out how to streamline your business.

Solutions overviews:


it.smartscan is a solution for extraction of data from pdf or other documents

Input can be scanned documents or emails with attached files.

Data will we be recognized, interpreted and put into relevant fields in SAP and documents will be linked and archived.

The opportunity for 100% automation of scanning –> recognition –> registration of company documents in the ERP system – no human interaction


it.approval is a complete solution for approval of different business documents.

The solution provides workflow support for the users in creating, validating and approving documents in an efficient and user friendly way.

it.approval supports creation and approval of Invoices with and without reference to a purchase order. It can highlight deviation between orders and invoice and trigger the required workflow.

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