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We’re running 5 webinars in 5 days covering everything you need to know about your SAP S/4HANA Journey.

You can go the full distance by watching all of the webinars or keep pace by viewing a particular stage of the webinar series. Please download the recordings below and get your S/4HANA planning off to a sprint.

Simply click the ‘Book Event‘ button for information on all 5 webinars.

Stage 1: If you would like to watch Stage 1 of the Hanathon, just enter your details below to watch Andy Steer’s webinar session.

Advice for Approaching S/4HANA - the itelligence Point of View

Stage 2: Watch stage 2 of the Hanathon, from Stephen Jerram, download it below.

SAP S/4HANA - A Deeper Dive and Review of the Functional Scope

Stage 3: Watch stage 3 of the Hanathon, from Sean Baker.

Delivering Predictable Outcomes in the Move to S/4HANA - a Programme Management Perspective

Stage 4: Watch Jeremy’s presentation relaying stage 4 of the Hanathon:

Getting Finance Ready for S/4

Stage 5: Finish the final stage with Jon Ward.

Top Tips for Planning your Technical Migration to HANA

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