Smart Master Data Management

23/10/2018 – 23/10/2018

Where – Online

When – 13:00pm- 14.00pm

Customers face governance issues around master data, as well as lack of master data quality leading to processes not working the way intended. Many companies struggle with definition of roles, responsibilities and complex processes of master data maintenance. Master data maintenance related tasks are unpopular in various departments.

This webinar provides you with insight on how itelligence’s solution it.mds will bring a solid governance structure and contribute to a higher master data quality by automation and simplification of master data maintenance processes.

As part of the webinar there will be a product demo of it.mds.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Governance issues around master data
Are your roles and responsibilities related to master data management defined and clear?
Inconsistency of master data across locations
Lack of master data quality
Process failure due to missing master data quality

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