Big Data & the Internet of Things (IOT) are the buzzwords of the moment, but many organisations are struggling to realise the potential value the ecosystem of technologies can bring. However, those that do realise it are modernising their business models with BIG DATA, Analytics & IOT technologies across many sectors.

Organisations embracing this digital revolution have recognised they can drive transformational change through information in ways that could never be done before at a realistic price. These innovative organisations are disrupting their business models in order to gain competitive advantage, improve efficiency and improve customer and business services.

BIG DATA & IOT technologies are now at a point where they support the traditional challenges associated with volume, variety and velocity but also support other challenges which have constrained options to date e.g. Data Security & Governance. In addition, network capabilities have also evolved to support the rapid transfer of data from sensors at the edge of a network and also to support lowering of infrastructure costs through cloud deployments.

In this webinar, David Milburn steps back from the technical decisions associated with such technologies and provides some sector examples which provide insight in to how organisations are transforming their business models using BIG DATA & IOT solutions, SAP HANA and partner related technologies like Hadoop.

The message is clearly out – choose to disrupt your business before someone else does. At itelligence, we have responded to technological innovations by disrupting our own business model and processes to help our customers make the next step with BIG DATA & IOT technologies.

Understanding the Business relevance and Value of the Internet of things Webinar Recording

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Internet of Things webinar recording
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