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– written by Yaroslav Lukin, Consultant SAP BI & HANA, itelligence Russia –

itelligence is the first partner chosen by SAP participating in the PoC (Proof-of-Concept) program “SAP Business Suite on HANA”

The beginning of the first quarter was full of the SAP HANA events in Russia. For this short time, itelligence specialists participated in SAP HANA Council (organized by SAP), IT in Retail (organized by 4CIO Club) and BIG DATA (organized by Open Systems).

I will guide you through these interesting events and itelligence’s performance. In general following chronological steps are important to understand the latest development of HANA:


  • December 2012 – SAP AG announced new demo-systems ERP on HANA and CRM on HANA.
  • January 2013 – Proof-of-Concept and first results were presented by SAP AG.
  • February 2013 – itelligence AG offered innovative technology for testing.

At each of these events, itelligence showed its competence and explained the benefits of the innovations.

At the SAP HANA Council, itelligence participated under the motto «Performance comparison: SAP BI on BW vs. SAP BI on HANA».  This concept was chosen as the smartest way of explaining SAP HANA platform’s benefits. We created an eye-catching video, where visitors of the events could compare these technologies and see extreme data compression, more effective data loading and accelerated analytics in real time. Visitors were impressed by the innovative SAP in-memory technology.

While participating in IT in Retail conference, I have taken into consideration that business has realized that new way of storing and processing huge amounts of data. itelligence’s presentation was focused on the SAP HANA in-memory technology, its benefits and itelligence’s experience in this sphere. We mentioned that itelligence has got 10 data centers around the world and is able to provide full services and SAP HANA test-drives. Some well-known Retail companies have already realized the benefits of in-memory technology.

At the BIG DATA event, itelligence specialists were able to discuss important points and up-to- date information regarding ERP and CRM on SAP HANA. All visitors were pleased to be there and learned more about the new technologies itelligence is able to provide today.

Co-branding with SAP helps us to share our hot topics. More visitors asked various questions about technology and its implementation.

At the end of March, PoC infrastructure was prepared with the help of itelligence for CRM on HANA for our customer «Eldorado». This was quite a milestone and done for the first time in Russia.

Our future plans will concentrate on developing even more cutting-edge SAP HANA expertise and capabilities for the Russian market.

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