Real-time updates from itelligence it.train team at SAP TrainRace- day 2

Daniel Schön, Ludwig Heinz, Tobit Kollenberg and John Wientjes

Writer: Ludwig Heinz

After first day with many interesting workshops made by SAP, Microsoft and Adobe, the second day started directly with hands on the gateway.
We started with delegating tasks between our team members: John and Tobit started with developing the front-end-side with an iPad-App and a .NET-Application. Daniel and I took the backend side on Gateway and ERP. Our challenge is getting all the custom data in the ‘SAP Learning Solution’ available, since we don’t want to fake anything and to get the data out of a real existing SAP solution. We also built the service interface, so Tobit and John can already get the metadata from the services to generate the proxy classes in their SDKs.

itelligence solution: Business scenario

But that’s enough details from the technical side 😉 Now some details about the solution: The SAP Learning Solution is usually used for basic SAP-trainings programs. With the SAP Netweaver Gateway, there are new solutions opportunities enabling to open the SAP system to the outside world. In our scenario, the it.University manages teachers, students, rooms and schedule and provides information in real-time. The app will be also available to any users with a notebook (.NET App) or iPad and will enable them to get informed about the actual courses or curriculum. In future (because of the short time, we won’t be able to implement it) it will be also possible to apply for a scholarship or to view an online lecture from any place with internet access.

So what’s next…

Tomorrow we will get all the data selection working on the backend, so we will be able to support our frontend developers during the night between Sunday and Monday. The train will depart at 7.45 PM on Sunday and will arrive at 9.11 AM on Monday in Madrid (long time to finish our solution) 😉

Thank you very much for your support and for crossing your fingers for it.train team!

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