SAP’s 3D Mobility Strategy

SAP's 3D Mobility Strategy

The post was written by Matthias Kumm, Head of itelligence Solution Center – eSOA and User Interfaces

After the acquisition of Sybase we all were waiting for a clear Mobility Strategy and (more and more) Apps for mobile Devices. Now, SAP put all the pieces together and presented on SAPPHIRE NOW 2011 in Madrid their strategy to enable customers to get started with mobile business.

This blog describes the three dimensions that direct you to the mobile SAP world.

1. Dimension – SAP App Store

The store just launched presents the first wave of Apps from SAP & Partners. Each App is described in detail with images, technical information, ratings and more. This is a very good starting point to search the ready to use solutions. But connecting these apps with an on premise SAP Backend needs two more dimensions.


2. Dimension – SAP NetWeaver Gateway

The SAP core system has to be enabled for mobile consumption. Therefore, the ABAP add-on NW Gateway 2.0 is needed. Gateway is used in all SAP productivity apps and gives easy access via ODATA protocol to the SAP systems. Gateway is focused on SAP NetWeaver Systems and designed to realize online scenarios. The management of Mobility is done in the 3rd Dimension of the mobile stack.

3. Dimension – Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) and Afaria

SUP 2.1 (light) used as online proxy allows users to connect with an app from outside the enterprise network in a secure and managed way. If wanted, SUP can be used as middleware for offline scenarios even in the non-SAP world.
The Afaria product allows additional mobile management functions e.g. building a company app store, monitor different devices and provide policies.

The three combined dimensions of the mobile stack are the basis for a ready to use SAP app world. This foundation is also a great opportunity for partners and companies to build their own apps with SAP Backend integration.
I’m sure that the content of the SAP app store will grow rapidly and we we’ll also see some itelligence offerings soon…

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