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The Student and Staff Engagement Platform

How SAP student information systems and data analytics empower staff and students with modern higher education software.

Boost Student Satisfaction and Staff Engagement with Higher Education Software

Higher education institutions are under increasing pressure to transform. Students have come to expect better value for money, intuitive student apps, and full support throughout their university journey.

But at the same time, study habits are changing and the student population is becoming more diverse. To deliver world class services to their students and staff, universities are introducing digitally-integrated processes and higher education software for Finance, HR and Analytics to increase student engagement and staff retention.

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5 Ways to Master the Challenges in Higher Education

Higher education institutions need to future-proof themselves in the digital age. Read our white paper to find out the top trends and challenges in higher education and how to become a smarter university by digitising your organisation with modern higher education software.

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City, University of London

itelligence are advising us on the optimisation of SAP and aligning us to the future roadmap. itelligence understand our organisation, they clearly understand the higher education sector, and they are now a strategic partner with the University.

Dominic Gaukroger, MIS/Development Manager, City, University of London

Top Trends in Higher Education

Finance Transformation

Combine financial processes with automated, real-time analytics, and translate them into forward-looking business insight across the organisation. Modern higher education software creates an intelligent digital core with a single financial data source for transactions, analytics and planning, embedded directly into E2E processes.

Employee Engagement

Introduce higher education HR software to support the full hire-to-retire process including the higher education specific areas of multiple employment and complex remuneration. Universities can increase staff engagement whilst retaining and growing existing talent.

User Experience and Student Apps

Today’s students are more tech-savvy than ever before: they expect innovative services, flexibility, and information on demand and on any device. Universities therefore need to take a mobile-first approach with higher education software, offering student apps as well as an intuitive user experience.

97 of the 100 top universities in the world run higher education software from SAP.

Effectively Manage the Integrated Student & Employee Engagement Platform

Only by providing a cross-departmental and cross-functional integrated platform can universities provide both research and student services in an effective manner. This integrated approach give universities the opportunity to re-platform core business processes and bring together business processes with transactions, analytics and planning in real-time. As a result universities can gain visibility and transparency to centrally manage finance, procurement and HR processes, and enable a smarter, faster and simpler institution.

Flexible Student Information Systems (SIS) are a key part of your integrated Student Engagement Platform. From recruitment and admissions to student administration and support, continuing beyond graduation, our higher education software (it.education), powered by SAP Student Lifecycle Management, allows institutions to differentiate in a highly competitive market.

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Key Business Processes in Higher Education


Redesigning financial processes can support instant financial insight across devices to help an institution drive value and leverage instant planning, analysis, prediction, and simulation across financial and operational processes. At the same time, these new processes can significantly simplify the IT landscape and architecture.

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Workforce Management

As more and more millennials enter the workforce, staff and university faculties are becoming more demanding. To increase internal efficiency, universities need to provide all employees, from academic staff to administration, with access to advanced technology and mobile self-service tools.

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Streamline procurement processes across the university, driving compliance and control while cutting costs and risks. From Operational Purchasing, Guided End-User Buying, Supplier Management, Invoice Management and Accounts Payable, the level of integration, automation and collaboration in the supplier network will accelerate value for the institution.

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Typically universities have lots of data but very little good information. SAP provides a full suite of analytics solutions that can turn this data into real insight. Take advantage of in-depth data analysis, predictions, and processing of complex events, and combine data from a variety of sources into a single integrated platform.

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Student Administration

The key to becoming a ‘Smart University’ is to integrate and manage the entire student lifecycle – from prospect to alumnus. By communicating, collaborating, and supporting students throughout their journey, you can improve student satisfaction and strengthen student success.

Student Attraction & Engagement

Effective higher education marketing strategies should treat each and every student, both current and prospective, as an individual. This means segmenting students and analysing their past, present and future actions to make personalised recommendations and offers in real-time.

Student Commerce

With a single platform for commerce, universities can reach students on all channels and promote their offerings. Online shops enable students and prospects to browse products and services on any device, so they can enroll in online courses or purchase branded merchandise or course materials, for example.

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Student Number Planning

Student Number Planning is an essential requirement that has a knock-on effect to nearly all departments – especially the finance team, so they can forecast and calculate fees. Our Higher Education Planning Kit overcomes the bottlenecks and resource intensive activities associated with solution implementation and administration by providing a fully hosted solution including a system administrator service to address application changes, new user security set up and reporting changes. The comprehensive out of the box solution guides you through the collection, aggregation and monitoring of your budget and forecast data;

  • Proven application design leveraging best practices to provide a solid foundation for student number planning and financial forecasting
  • Reduces the mechanics of the planning process providing work flow and commentary for approvals
  • Enables data and meta-data management between transactional systems, Business Intelligence solutions and the itelligence Higher Education Planning Solution
  • Flexible and extensible framework extending the solutions useful life

Student Activity Hub

Offering a holistic, comprehensive overview of students in one centralised location, the Student Activity Hub brings together a wealth of student data to help you understand why students succeed, fail, or drop out. You can manage and analyse student and learning activity data using the insight to personalise the learning experience and build student success and intervention strategies. SAP Student Activity Hub integrates data from key campus systems, acting as a data aggregator for your existing applications. This adaptable solution, based on open data standards, links with your current systems – integrating all your data together into a comprehensive analytics engine.

Higher Education Software from SAP

Providing a First-Class Student Experience Using SAP HANA

With SAP HANA, we have near-instant response times, enabling us to deliver real-time data to our users and create innovative processes. We can now reimagine the way we run our organisation and provide better services to our students.

Alan Cecchini, SAP Development Manager, Newcastle University

Stay One Step Ahead with Our Education Competence Centre

Having supported over 30 major higher learning institutions (including 5 Russell Group Universities), itelligence has a deep understanding of the industry’s current trends and challenges.

We can help your university improve the way you support students and staff – and ultimately help you advance academic achievement. To do this, we use world class higher education software from SAP to improve planning, student engagement, recruitment and retention with real time analytics available on any device.

Thanks to our Education Competence Centre, we can draw on a specialist team of experts, dedicated to supporting digital transformation in higher education. They help you leverage higher education software from SAP and find the best solutions for your needs – so you can deliver exceptional student experiences.

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