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As an SAP Global Partner, we offer unrivalled knowledge of the challenges facing educational institutions. So we can help your college or university improve the ways you support students and staff – and ultimately help you advance academic achievement. To do this, we work with you to tailor business management software. And help you manage your student-related data securely, while improving access to a range of services.

Events for Higher Education

Events for Higher Education

Keep an eye out on for events we run related specifically to the Higher Education sector.  We host webinars, events, and attend the major Higher Education exhibitions. Just come back to this page to get all the latest news on this.

Student Lifecycle Management

Student Lifecycle Management

Higher Education is now facing many challenges that are causing real change in this sector.  Universities are now having to focus more on student retention and at the same time keep growing competitively in the drive for student recruitment, it’s fair to say universities are going through a demanding time.

Students are now expecting more than ever from educational institutions, with the increase of fees and the commitment they need to make.  Potential students want to consider their options carefully to make sure they are getting the best value in for their student lifecycle preparing them for the world after graduation.

Enrolment to Graduation: The focus on student satisfaction has become even more prominent than before and will carry on being a focus in future years.  Therefore, it’s essential you give students the right support from enrolment to graduation (student lifecycle), so they can focus all their attention on their studies and attain good grades.  Between enrolment and graduation, there will be many processes and requirements that need to be actioned and followed (again the student lifecycle).  The correct tools required to do this are essential in helping to maintain a smooth flow of activity.

Find out how you can innovate and use it.education to support all study related processes – from online registration, course schedules, virtual learning, exam grades, and self-service access for students and faculty members. Keeping you ahead of the competition. Click below to view the it.education infographic for more detail.

Student Number Planning

Student Number Planning

All universities are now driving towards attracting more students to meet growth agendas. The competition is heavier than ever between universities now, and the race is on to attract the best performing students. Especially now that the cap for the number of students you can take in has been lifted.

Student Number Planning is an essential requirement that has a knock-on effect to nearly all departments – especially the finance team, so they can forecast and calculate fees. The higher education sector exists in an environment governed by unique accounting rules and diversified operations.

Higher Education Planning Kit: The itelligence Higher Education Planning Kit is a service based solution designed to overcome the business and IT administration challenges to managing current processes. Click below to read more about the Higher Education Planning Solution.


Registration to Graduation Support

Registration to graduation

In higher education, a key goal is to improve support for students from registration to graduation. Our it.education solution is a robust student information system that standardises data. And it provides online and mobile access to student and staff services. This increases the transparency on student-related data throughout the student cycle. Based on open standards, it.education can also be up and running quickly. So, you can get more value from data across web environments, and office and business software.

Educational Achievements

Educational achievements

We support the academic curriculum with our self-service data management solution.  This solution keeps information up-to-date and improves access to data. So students are aware of the coursework and degree requirements they need to attain. At a time when budgets in the public sector are under pressure, our easy-to-deploy solutions make it possible to shift education spending from capex to opex (capital to operating expeniture). As a result, there is lower upfront investment, while achieving higher academic standards.

Integrated Data Systems

Learning that works

We support educational institutions around the world. This experience has helped us create it.education. It’s a self-service, transparent data management solution that keeps information up-to-date and always accessible. It’s mobile too. So, students can check results and timetable changes on the move. Lecturers can automate administration tasks to free up their time. And management can compare performance with other institutions – nationally and internationally. All of which helps in the race to attract the best quality students and ensure that courses are full.

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Newcastle University

Our proof of concept had to be built around pain points, ensuring we demonstrated significant performance improvements, giving us confidence that HANA could deliver real time data to our users and free up time to deliver innovative new processes

Chris Burns, Business Systems Technical Manager

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