The Legal Sector & The Modern Data Platform

Law firm needs are changing rapidly. Digitisation, the Internet of Things (IoT), social media and advanced analytics are creating a data-driven culture where the amount and variety of information being produced is growing exponentially. New customer demands and the current prevalence of artificial intelligence disruptors are also contributing towards this trend.


The Opportunity for Analytics

While regulatory compliance requires legal practises to retain huge volumes of data, they need to be able to make better use of data in order to drive profitability. Leveraging data and presenting insight into operations, clients and markets will help the legal practice manage utilisation, improve win ratios, expand client services and maximise leverage to boost margins.

Data Quality

Harnessing the power of data and analytics – The Modern Data Platform

Are you trying to improve operational decision making and gain a deeper insight into legal matters through analytics? Technology can present a real opportunity for law firms to change data approaches and deliver analytical insight to the business. However, gaining insight across legal operations with older technologies is highly challenging if you have legacy data warehouses, outdated systems and processes. This makes it near impossible for law firms to get full end-to-end insight into matter profitability and business operations.

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itelligence understands the challenges facing the legal sector and delivers enterprise business intelligence and advanced analytics solutions to solve such issues. Our industry knowledge, our analytics expertise and our Modern Data Platform, built on market leading SAP technology, presents a clear route to better information, faster analytics, more efficient analysis of profitability and trustworthy KPI’s to influence outcomes.

The ‘Modern Data Platform’ presents a flexible, agile and reliable data warehousing solutions that helps legal firms understand client profitability, partnership and practice performance, and operational effectiveness in order to provide the best service as efficiently and profitably as possible.

With a more flexible structure and compatibility with leading-edge technology, the modern data platform is equipped to handle today’s constantly changing data requirements. Its simplified architecture clears the path from data capture to actionable insight, thereby reducing the decision lag:

  • Gain insight into profitability with KPI-driven contextual analytics in order to increase efficiency and drive costs down
  • Maximise business opportunities and enhance operational efficiency by reacting quickly to changing case conditions with information delivered in the right way to the right people at the right time
  • Understand, forecast and manage utilisation and leverage lock-up, staff capabilities, win ratios, pipeline, marketing spend and SLAs
  • Profile customers with advanced analytics and a single trusted version of the truth (combining all data sets including unstructured data)
  • Access richer analytics into customer and employee information with manual and automated forecasting that is simple to maintain and support
  • Allow partners and fee earners to measure performance – ensuring decisions are made with the right, relevant level of detail
  • Present price modelling across different regions to ensure the partnership can maximise profit while minimising costs with the most appropriate pricing structure
  • Reduce risk to continued business operations with increased visibility and control

To discover more, view our On Demand Webinar – The Modern Data Platform.

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