Production and Sales Planning

Integrated Production and Sales Planning

Plan and cost production using real time sales forecasts whilst understanding the impact on your P&L statement immediately

With our SAP certified BPC Manufacturing RDS, you could be planning production based on real-life, evolving sales scenarios, in a matter of weeks. With tight integration with SAP ERP, you can now combine production, pricing and sales forecasts into an optimised plan and immediately see the impact on your P&L statement.

The itelligence Manufacturing RDS delivers pre-configured world class planning content through the use of SAP BPC Business Planning and Consolidation solution and seamless integration between sales and production forecasting and planning data in your SAP ERP solution.

  • Drive accurate sales forecasts with real time pricing policies and procedures extracted from your ERP system through tight integration with SAP BPC
  • Plan production based on sales forecasts with the impact on the income statement instantly available as parameters change
  • Analyse alternative scenarios, including price & volume changes in near real-time
  • Price Cost of Sales directly from your Bills of Material and Routings, highlighting the impact on profitability of changes in sales volumes, sales prices and production input proces

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