Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning

When your workforce is a significant expense, you can’t afford to get it wrong

Your payroll is typically your biggest fixed cost. If you get it wrong it impacts your organisation’s profitability. Furthermore, in an environment where employee legislation and worker contracts can be difficult to re-negotiate, early visibility of required man days to support the enterprise will enable faster and more accurate scenario modelling of fixed employee to variable contract worker costs and ratios.

With our SAP Manufacturing EPM solution, you can accurately plan headcount and calculate workforce costs to optimise your organisation’s profitability by:

  • Applying flexible, parameter driven planning to pre-existing positions in HR organisational structure data
  • Planning assumptions centrally while allowing flexibility within the decentralised businesses to override them
  • Calculating an accurate total Cost to Company by applying assumptions for wage types, increases, benefits and allowances universally or individually for filled and vacant positions

Furthermore, because planned headcount and related costs are automatically calculated and transferred into the relevant cost centres and accounts, resulting workforce costs are consistent.

Understanding the impact of different scenarios and assumptions on the P&L statement will rapidly empower you to drive profitability because the right decisions are being made at the right time.

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