Optimise Manufacturing Processes

Globalisation and new technologies have raised consumer expectations around the world.

Digital Manufacturing Is Now a Necessity

The pace of change in manufacturing has never been so high. To meet new demands and remain competitive, you need faster responses, state-of-the-art technology, and connected processes from production planning and control to material requirements planning (MRP) and logistics. At the same time, you need to ensure full traceability and documentation to comply with strict regulations.

New Opportunities to Wow Customers

Modern technologies and trends, such as 3D printing and machine-to-machine communication, give rise to new opportunities. Through mass customisation and sensors, you can manufacture products that boost customer satisfaction. And with manufacturing execution systems, integration, and analytics, you gain greater visibility, can make predictions, and ultimately optimise manufacturing processes.

Smart Factory: The 4 Keys to Success

Implement Machine-to-Machine Communication

Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication is transforming traditional business models by connecting physical assets and devices with digital systems in extensive business networks. This allows rapid exchange of data, enables connected manufacturing processes, and offers all-new opportunities for manufacturers and suppliers to offer value-added services.

Increase Visibility and Control with Analytics

Production facilities generate huge volumes of data. But to unlock the potential of big data, manufacturers require advanced analytics. With the right SAP solutions, you can gain new insights into your manufacturing operations and enhance your processes – from production planning to aftersales service. And by accurately forecasting demand, you can optimise inventory levels.

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Streamline Processes with Automation

Manufacturing automation software provides a crucial competitive edge in discrete industries. Connecting your machines to ERP and manufacturing execution systems enables you to create a smart factory concept. You can monitor data from your machines and production line in real-time and rapidly respond to any issues such as bottlenecks.

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Connect MES and Business Systems

Manufacturing execution systems (MES) are the backbone of production facilities, enabling you to track, monitor and control your manufacturing operations. This gives you greater visibility into processes, helps improve product quality and throughput, and provides greater traceability. By integrating your MES with other important business systems, such as ERP, you can extend these benefits and optimise manufacturing processes throughout your operations.

Increasing Quality through Digital Manufacturing

With the right digital manufacturing solutions, you can operate more efficiently and achieve higher standards of quality. Our experts help you gain greater visibility and control of your entire manufacturing process.

Wolfgang Möller, Global Director – Discrete Industries & Internet of Things, itelligence

Manufacturing: How We Can Support You

Implementing connected, automated manufacturing processes can have a significant impact on your organisation; it could even change your whole business model. During such a major transformation, it helps to have an experienced partner by your side.

We support your entire digital manufacturing journey. No matter what market you are in, our consultants can help you identify the right solutions, implement best practices, and shape new business models that allow you to capitalise on the Internet of Things. Take advantage of our expertise in SAP solutions for manufacturing, our experience in diverse sectors, and our knowledge of pioneering technologies.

Are You Facing Challenges in Manufacturing?

Focus on customer centricity

Rethink manufacturing from the customer’s perspective, and provide outstanding services to differentiate your business.

Manufacture individualised products

Serve the segment of one: Realise mass customisation to tailor your products to your customers and meet individual requirements with engineer-to-order processes.

Leverage smart products

Utilise the latest technology to become a trendsetter in your market with continuous product innovation.

Ensure a collaborative, integrated supply chain

Optimise production planning & control with integration to your supply chain.

Enable new business models

Leverage insights gleaned from data to enhance your after-sales services and grow your business based on a servitisation model.

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