itelligence Graduates Diary – Inga Kemp

The 8 weeks of training came to a close following the very much anticipated presentations. I was presenting on Fraud Prevention using Business Intelligence which I felt was well received by management and those who took time to come to them. As it was a Friday – this of course was followed by celebratory Mojitos!

The training was intense, but not over-bearing.  I have learned so much and can’t wait to put it into practice. I feel like I have benefited massively from the training, really enjoyed myself and feel as though I have taken a lot away with me.

Two things that really stand out about itelligence for me so far are definitely:

1.     The people – the people here are amazing! From our mentor, Emma who has been super supportive; to the trainers who clearly love their jobs; to our colleagues. Every one is so friendly and happy to help.

I really appreciate that as starting in a new place using new products can be tough.

2.     Investment – Itelli are happy to invest into their people and upskill. 8weeks of graduate training demonstrates this perfectly.

I really feel that if you are willing to put the hard work in, it really will pay off with career and personal development.


So…what came next?

Monday morning following the presentations I was straight onto client site in a Business Objects (BO) Support role. I have been on site with the client for two weeks doing a handover from Richard Thomas, who has taken me through everything step-by-step so I am comfortable to be on site on my own – Another wonderful example of the great people here!

The support role consists of BAU work, as well as ad-hoc requests. Although a (very) old version of BO – the fundamentals are still the same and I think I will learn a lot. Especially in terms of investigation and problem solving.

Rich has had to stay on for an extra week to finish some development work, so after 2 weeks on site, I am back in the office to work on the internal project for the week and will be back on site next week. I will be there for 3 months in total.

I would just like to finish with a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has helped, trained and supported us – with special thanks to our mentor Emma J. I am very much looking forward to having a long career with Itelligence.


Inga Kemp.



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