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Slight delay on posting this due to holidays, but here it is, the latest from our intrepid Graduate recruits…

Blog – Week 3

Monday of week 3 started with the completion of a WebI challenge designed to consolidate our training from week 1. The challenge was to replicate a report which had been created on a client’s site and was meticulously formatted. This gave us a great opportunity to discover the potential options for output.

The remainder of the week gave us a technical overview of SAP before working on ABAP programming. To develop our skills we were given the scenario of a company wanting to better manage their cars and to answer two questions:

Which employee has which car and for which dates?

For each client visit by an employee, which car do they use and how many miles do they travel?

Using these questions as a basis for our design we looked to create the necessary tables, fields and their corresponding links.  With the structure in place we were then able to create programs to enter data in the tables and extract data within certain criteria. The final challenge was to create a discussive program which would allow the updating of records and also provide data validation on entry.

Due to the range in different programming experience within the group there was a clear split in enjoyment this week, but it gave us all a good basis should we need to describe any modification necessary on client site. Thinh has now joined the ABAP team full time and has therefore started on their training programme.

That’s it for now…

Andrew Hughes, Antonio Minkov, Inga Kemp, Marie Fegan, Thinh Tran

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