itelligence Graduates Diary – Week 5

Week 5 was slightly lighter in terms of training… but that didn’t mean we got to put our feet up!

This week we had a chance to complete our Webi Challenge, the aim of which was to mimic an advanced report previously delivered to a client. We created the documentation to support our reports and sent them to Emma – confirmation that we are taking in the training despite the volumes!

We also had a chance to do preparation for our presentations which we will be giving in a couple of weeks. I think the prospect of doing this is a little daunting for us all – we will be presenting to anyone that is willing (or wanting to) listen. This can range from consultants, to senior management and even the Board if they choose to attend.

We can present on any (relevant) topic we like. The guidelines we were given for the topic choice were, ‘Choose anything to do with BI or something you have learnt’. Anyone would think having a broad choice is useful, but with BI being so expansive the choice has been difficult for some. However, having this day for prep was useful even just to brainstorm and select our topics.. More to come on those later!

Emma set aside some time to carry out our 1 month review and objective setting. It was really useful to share how we feel we are getting on, and also receive some feedback from her as she sees quite a lot of us, and has been collecting feedback from trainers as well. Itelligence have a strong belief that feedback is crucial for self-development so encourage all consultants to not only give feedback to one another, but also ask to receive it from clients. Being at the beginning of our careers we are pleased that we will be receiving reviews and feedback on a regular basis.

2 days this week were spent completing SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) training in Report Builder, led by Emma. Although a Microsoft product, it has frequently been seen on client site so it was decided that we should be introduced to it. SSRS is the Microsoft ‘equivalent’ of Webi so it was very interesting to compare the two. The familiarity of Microsoft interface was quite useful, with the ability to create reports relatively efficiently.

We learnt how to create queries, set parameters, create prompts and filters, and format the reports within Report Builder.

Exploring this tool also allowed a small introduction to the programming language MDX (Multi-Dimensional Expressions). We created some conditional formatting using ‘If’ statements within the MDX expression. There were plenty of activities throughout the training which helped in the learning process, and Day 2 we recreated an internal resource planning report.

That’s it for now…

Andrew Hughes, Antonio Minkov, Inga Kemp, Marie Fegan, Thinh Tran

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