itelligence Graduates Diary – Week 6

Following on from the SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) training at the end of last week, week 6 began with two days of Microsoft SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) training. Having created reports using an existing cube in SSRS, we learnt what was happening in the background and how this had been set up. This involved setting the relationships between tables, creating the dimensions, the hierarchies, calculations and partitioning the cube, all of which makes the reporting possible. Having created our cube we were able to put our report services training into practice and create drillable reports.

Wednesday gave us a chance to further work on the presentations we started last week. Having researched a number of possibilities we have all settled on different topics which together really highlight the versatility and importance of BI across numerous sectors: aviation, fraud, law & hires.

On Thursday we spent the day focussing on communication and feedback. We started the day with a couple of tasks which really brought home the importance of asking the right questions and displayed how easily things can be interpreted in different ways. We also looked at how important it is to communicate with your audience in a way that works for them. These of course are skills which are of paramount importance for consultants as we interact with clients.

To round off the week we were able to put our training into practice as we went out onto a client site for the first time. It would be fair to say that the prospect of doing billable work was rather daunting but at the same time, a great chance to show how much we have learnt in the last month.

The project we were working on was a migration project which needed a number of DeskI reports upgrading into WebI. These were a mixture of partial conversions and full rebuilds. Thankfully Emma accompanied us to the client to help us set up and settle in which definitely helped the nerves!

Once we had been briefed by Emma and Andrew Taylor (who has been working on the project for a number of weeks) we made a start working through the reports we had been assigned. We soon settled into the task at hand. Throughout the day we made good inroads into all the reports completing the majority of the report conversions. Andrew was available for support throughout the day if we had any questions (we had lots of questions!) and was really helpful and supportive. It was very rewarding to hear from the client that the reports we worked on really did show information which was vital for their business to see and understand. A great introduction to working on client site and life as a consultant!

That’s it for now…

Andrew Hughes, Antonio Minkov, Inga Kemp, Marie Fegan, Thinh Tran

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