itelligence Graduates Diary – Week 7

Week 7 started off with an interactive session on Data Visualisation with Andrew Fox. We explored the different ways of visually presenting data and looked at the guidelines of effective data presentation. This included best practice on dashboards, chart types and colour schemes.

Throughout the day we were given various tasks to do such as redesigning a Scottish referendum poll statistics dashboard from the Metro newspaper. At the end of the day, we were asked to sketch a dashboard on a piece of paper as per the requirements of Stephen Few’s Dashboard Design Competition which took place a few years ago. We then presented our ideas to the rest of the group and evaluated each other’s work.

On Tuesday, we had a 2-day SAP Dashboard course with Emma Pusey in the training centre. This presented a perfect opportunity to apply the principles learned on the Data Visualisation course as well as add yet another tool to our skillset.

We wrapped up the week with a SAP Dashboards post-course challenge which involved creating a proof of concept dashboard for our industry solution. This was a very good opportunity to do work within a real-life scenario. We were able to demonstrate what we had learned on the Dashboards course and put our skills into practice.

Training aside, we received our first client feedback for the work we did for them last Friday. All the reports were rebuilt as requested and they all successfully passed UAT which was great news!

That’s it for now…

Andrew Hughes, Antonio Minkov, Inga Kemp, Marie Fegan, Thinh Tran

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