RunSimple and the SAP Analytics Technology Stack

If you have watched any SAP keynote this year the mantra of #Run Simple is everywhere. This ethos has now had direct and positive impact on the SAP Analytics technology stack.

Jayne Landry, Global VP and GM Business Intelligence, SAP recently blogged about the convergence of the SAP BusinessObjects BI Product Portfolio where she shared a number of interesting points focusing on the SAP convergence philosophy, simplification of the BI Clients and Pricing/Licensing.

The highlights to me were the following:

Consolidate the current 14 BI clients down to 5

Over the years the analytics technologies under the SAP BusinessObjects brand has increased from 1, SAP BusinessObjects Full Client, to now 14.   At Intelligence we have engaged with many of our customers to find a path through so many different options and identify the “right tool for the job” as there are so many options to choose from to address different user personas. SAP have listened to customer feedback and under the #Run Simple ethos plan to consolidate the current fourteen BI clients down to five.

The diagram below shows the tools consolidation roadmap but as yet no timescales have been given for this to be complete.(Click on the image for a full size version)



I see this as the first bold step into the new world of Business Intelligence at SAP. If we were now to look into a crystal ball at the next major release of SAP BusinessObjects then what would we see?

Never expire content

SAP has historically been vocal on explaining they are happy to expire tools but not the functionality they perform. However, this standpoint appears to have changed to one of “If we can’t easily migrate content, we won’t move it at all”.  The example given is even though Desktop Intelligence (Deski) has been dropped from SAP BusinessObjects BI4 but not without a significant notice period. There is an appreciation from SAP that for some specific use cases Deski is still core to some customers, so SAP have introduced a method of housing historic Deski reports that cannot be migrated to Web Intelligence within the bi4 platform. Clear evidence of the view expressed that “If we can’t easily migrate content, we won’t move it at all”.

SAP Lumira desktop and SAP Lumira Server are now included with the SAP BusinessObjects BI suite.

This is great news for SAP customers that now SAP Lumira desktop has been included into the BI Suite license. In effect SAP are now effectively giving you $1000 software free for each of your BI suite users. Quite something! (Price at time of writing: Buy SAP Lumira). Additionally including SAP Lumira server in the BI Suite license reduces the barrier to adoption quite considerably. You could see SAP Lumira Server as the first of the next generation Business Intelligence tools from SAP. SAP Lumira Server is a native SAP HANA XS application that lets business users explore data and gain real-time insights. Lumira Server can be deployed in combination with SAP BusinessObjects BI4 to deliver trusted data discovery. More information here: SAP Lumira Server

See the complete blog here: http://blogs.sap.com/analytics/2014/06/25/run-simple-convergence-of-the-sap-businessobjects-bi-product-portfolio/


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