Be Prepared for #itelliFest2020

Attending an online event is different to attending a physical one.  Who would have thought it?

Joking aside, if you are planning on attending #itelliFest2020 next week then there are a few things you should think about ahead of the gates opening at 09:00 on October 6th.

Check that you can Access the Platform & Prepare your Profile for Networking

It is not much fun having technical issues 5 minutes before the keynote starts. Here are some tips to ensure a seamless experience.

  • Use a modern desktop browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge Chromium. Mobile access is supported but desktop is optimum for full interactivity.
  • Access your event profile here, please use the email address you signed up with and your password.
  • Make is easier for people to find you by ensuring your headline includes “Job Title” and “Company name”.
  • Complete your bio and social media links.


Planning Your Event

#itelliFest2020 will be live for 4 days, so it makes sense to plan your attendance so that you focus on the content that matters most to you.

1 Review the full agenda here.

2 Add key sessions to your calendar using the links in the agenda.

3 Make note of speakers, experts, and Sponsors that you want to network with.

4 Share session recommendations with colleagues.


Managing Your Time

We know that you are all very busy, we are grateful that you are lending us your attention.

1 You can “pop” in and out of #itelliFest2020 as many times as you like over the 4 days, no wrist band or pass required.

2 #itelliFest2020 is open for networking for an hour before the main content starts and an hour after. Use this time to meet other delegates, talk to our sponsors or just ease into the day.

3 Don’t panic, there are coffee and lunch break points during the schedule so you shouldn’t miss anything.


Being Engaged – Don’t be a Passive Viewer

We have worked hard to build opportunities for interaction into #itelliFest2020, so please think about the ways in which you can get involved beyond pure consumption.

1 Use the chat panel to share your thoughts and questions during the Keynote and Plenary sessions.

2 Help us tailor the conversation by completing the polls that will be released throughout.

3 Win prizes by taking part in spot quizzes throughout the event.

4 Attend the “Ask the Customer” virtual roundtable sessions and share your experiences.

5 Visit the Expo and text or video chat with itelligence Experts and our Sponsors.

6 Got a spare few minutes? Use the Networking capability to be matched with other attendees who are looking to build their network.


Enjoy #itelliFest2020

Doing all of the above will ensure you get the most out of #itelliFest2020.

If you are experiencing any difficulties then please let us know so we can get you ready well in advance of launch day.

If you have colleagues who have yet to register, we are still welcoming applications here.

We look forward to welcoming you to #itelliFest2020.




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For any questions please feel free to contact us.