Reflections on #itelli2015 – Part 1 – Immediate questions and actions


The dust has now just about settled following this years itelligence conference or #itelli2015 as we affectionately call it.

Following the event there is always an understandable desire to ask an overwhelming number of questions as you seek to review what worked and what didn’t. In reality though there are really only a small number of questions that actually matter.

  1. How did the attendee metrics perform – We really were blown away by the registration numbers which this year totalled more than 400! That represents a more than 30% increase on last years numbers, so a big thanks to all of those new faces that we managed to reach out to. Of course we can always do more to increase the attendee vs registration ratio but once again we saw a step increase in this versus last year – more detail to follow in the coming weeks.
  2. What can we learn from the feedback we gathered – There are some key themes that came up again and again; the Dame Stella Rimington keynote was hugely popular, London is still preferred as a location, the venue at 155 Bishopsgate was rated as the best yet, and you really like to see live software demos!
  3. Did we run to budget – In a word yes, despite the networking drinks being better (and longer) attended than we expected

There are also a number of follow up actions that we commit to as part of the event.

  1. Make all presentations available – We can tick off the first action already as the #telli2015 session presentations are now available, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if any of the content requires further explanation. You may have also noticed that we had a photographer in attendance, the fantastic output from this is available to view on our facebook page, please tag and like while you are there. In addition we created a Storify archive of the Twitter stream from the conference, it makes for interesting reading.
  2. Create blogs based on key themes from the conference – With the best will in the world there is only so much detail you can go into in a 40 minute conference slot. Therefore you can expect to see upcoming posts, webinars and seminar sessions (by the wider itelli UK team) addressing topics where you have requested more detail.
  3. Review and respond to all feedback from delegates and sponsors – My little project 🙂 Once we have finished collating and reviewing the feedback, I will share some of the insights we find using SAP Lumira!

I want to thank everyone who attended this years conference, it was certainly the most enjoyable event that I have been involved in and has left me with one or two great memories…


Look out for the future posts and events, and of course remember to keep an eye open for news of our plans for #itelli2016!

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