Measuring Up – Introducing the Next Generation of itelligence Analytics Consultants


You may or may not be aware that itelligence UK runs a yearly graduate recruitment scheme. Running this type of scheme is expensive and takes a huge amount of time as we “sheep dip” the grads through an intensive period of training and mentoring.

So why do we do it?

Simply put, it’s the benefit of growing our own!

The process has served us well over the years, regularly producing well rounded, technically skilled and enthusiastic individuals who go on to make great contributions to the wider business. As part of the induction process the grads meet more experienced members of the team who can help them understand the challenges and opportunities that await them. This year I got to spend some time discussing their views on Marketing and explaining what we are trying to do within itelligence. During the session I challenged them to write a blog on their experiences in the scheme, the following is the first of what should be many posts…

On the 4th of August, 5 individuals arrived at 12 Gough Square to start their new roles within itelligence.    The first three days were introductory days.  We were given an insight into the history of the firm and informed that after a lot of merger and acquisitions, they are now owned by NTT data, the 29th biggest company in the world!  We were introduced to a lot of new people who worked within different departments such as sales, analytics and TA.  We also met a lot of previous graduates.  Most people we met and were introduced to mentioned Bielefeld, the annual get together in Germany.  From the stories, it sounds like an interesting weekend with a lot of food and drink.  However, you daren’t miss the conference.  Our favourite presentation in the first week was given by Ed Sorrell, Senior Account Manager. He presented on the five pillars of BI and was very comical.

Towards the end of the week we engaged in Web Intelligence training.  This was both stimulating and interesting.  The information was presented in manageable chunks and at the end of each section we were asked to complete a task.  Most recently, we have been working on the Webi Challenge.  Some parts are easier than others; however, when you come across a difficult task it is to prepare you for the type of challenges you may face when you are on client site. 

Andrew Hughes, Antonio Minkov, Inga Kemp, Marie Fegan, Thinh Tran

grads 2014

Look out for the next instalment coming soon.


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