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Earlier this year I was lucky enough to be approached by SAP and asked present a session in the community stream at SAP d-code in Las Vegas. My initial thought was fantastic and then it turned to “What me, really?”

If you are new to the world of SAP the globally run TechEd conferences are expressly for developers, engineers, and technologists as SAP TechEd is all about Technical Education.  There are no celebrity keynotes as SAP TechEd && d-code focuses on learning, live coding, technical hands-on sessions, demo-rich lectures, product road map Q&A sessions, and networking with both your peers and experts.  Just what you would want from a SAP Technical Education event.

There are two SAP Executive keynotes planned from both  Steve Lucas President SAP Platform Solutions and Björn Goerke EVP & Corporate Officer SAP Product & Innovation Technology.  Steve Lucas hinted in September to expect some great announcements, let’s wait and see.

I have personally dreamed of attending US SAP Conference not because the content is better then that delivered in Europe but to meet personally members of the SAP community whom I engage with via social media and consider friends.   A great example of this is a blog by Dallas Marks titled “What does the fox say” where he writes “With an ocean in between us, I’ve never met Andrew Fox in person. But it’s on my bucket list to do so”. So hopefully I will meet up with many later this year.

There is also a lighter side to SAP TechEd where you “Earn cheers from your Peers” at Demojam.  Demojam is the opportunity for selected participants to deliver a live, inspiring, innovative, or technically superior demo, all in just six minutes from them main auditorium stage!  Not daunting at all I’m sure.

Hopefully, If you have attended our Annual conference or one of our regular webinars you get the sense that itelligence have a passion for sharing knowledge and insights. So thanks to the support from Andy Steer CTO and CMO at itelligence I can grasp this opportunity to present at SAP TechEd. The session topic I have chosen to present on is around the SAP data visualisation technology, SAP Lumira, and the experiences and use cases that the SAP user community is addressing by using this technology.  If you are not familiar with SAP Lumira it is a technology to help unlock the potential of your data through interactive visualisations, stories and infographics that can be shared throughout the organisation.

My SAP TechEd && d-code 2014 session details:

I quite understand that not everyone gets to go to SAP conferences therefore I will be repeating this session via a webinar in November, details to follow.

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