#itelliFest2020 Day 2 – 7th October

Welcome to the third article of five in this series.  We have segmented the agenda to make it easier for you to focus on the topics that are important to you.

After the keynote session, each half day segment uses a consistent flow to help you easily plan and focus.

Day 2 – AM – Get on the front foot with Data and Analytics

There continues to be a clear shift away from traditional reporting and business intelligence solutions in favour of easier to use, smarter real-time analytics that access disparate and far-reaching data sets. This trend is creating often unwelcome challenges for existing Business Intelligence Teams.

At #itelliFest2020 our team of experienced Analytics and Data Management professionals will be laser focused on helping you understand how your analytics strategy can be positively influenced by the adoption of the next generation of hybrid analytics and data technologies. The aim is to help you deliver the agility your users demand as well as building the resilience and governance your organisation needs.



Joining me for the Plenary session will be itelligence experts; Annoj Behanan, Asad Mahmood and Matt Sisley for what promises to be a lively discussion on the changing face of data and analytics. You can also expect forthright opinions on SAP’s latest Analytics solutions from people who are using them in anger. For our customer story we will be joined by Kevin Heslop CIO of Sanctuary Group who will join Asad for a live Q&A right afterwards.

Analytics and Data Management are two sides of the same business challenge coin. Our discussions will go deeper during these focus sessions with Asad and Matt providing critical insights and clear advice to help you align data and decision making in your organisation.

From 12:30 to 13:30 you can attend an interactive Q&A with Asad and Matt or you may choose to explore #itelliFest for further discussions with other attendees and our sponsors.

Day 2 – PM – Understand how Customer Experience impacts business performance

For many organisations, the COVID-19 pandemic has shone an unwelcome light on how they handle relationships with their Customers, Partners and Suppliers. Customer Experience (CX) is increasingly seen as a key area for improving business performance. At #itelliFest2020 we will bring the benefit of our experience to give you the facts you need to help prioritise your investments to ensure they deliver real impact.



Joining me for the Plenary session will be itelligence experts, Karen Israel, Jon Brooks and Simon Williams. From Configure, Price and Quote, to Field Service Management and from Commerce to Customer Experience Management, we will cover the key initiatives that can help transform your customer engagements. It goes without saying that you can also expect to hear the usual itelligence real world take on the latest technology strategies from SAP.

In the first focus session, Simon will discuss how organisations can evolve their Sales and Service offerings to not only protect customer relationships but also to generate new revenue streams. Following this, Jon will turn his attention to all thing’s commerce. Whether B2B, B2C, or indeed B2B2C! You can be sure that Jon will be your guide through the various options available to optimise and scale your commerce activities.

Following the focus sessions from 16:00 to 17:00, Jon and Simon will attend an interactive Q&A. You can of course also explore #itelliFest for discussions with other attendees and our sponsors.

The rest of this blog series will explore the remaining days of the agenda in more detail to help you better plan your attendance. Nowhere else will you be exposed to so much content, guidance, and thought-provoking insight. You will benefit from 4 days packed full of inspiring keynotes, demos, customer case studies, sponsor booths and interactive networking.

So, what are you waiting for?

You and your colleagues are welcome to join us at itelliFest2020, the itelligence conference, but different.

Register for #itelliFest2020.

We hope to see you there.


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Plan and Focus

1 Exploration Hour. Each segment begins and ends with an Exploration Hour where we encourage you to immerse yourself in the online experience. You can meet our Sponsors at the Expo, chat with itelligence experts, or network with your fellow delegates.

2 Topic Plenary. During the topic plenary members of the itelligence team will share their latest thoughts and experiences as well as answering questions that you wish to raise through the interactive chat panel. In addition, I am pleased to say that every plenary contains an extended customer interview to allow real conversations about projects that have been recently undertaken.

3 Ask the Customer. From previous itelligence events we know that customer stories are an incredibly valuable part of the event experience, so after the plenary each customer speaker will take part in a virtual roundtable. Using the video capabilities of our event platform, we will give you the opportunity to ask the questions that are important to you. These are open sessions, however questions will be moderated to ensure fairness of access.

4 Topic Focus Sessions. We take two important conversations from the Topic Plenary and dig deeper into each. What is the business problem we are looking to address? Get a clearer understanding of the solution options available and understand the benefits that can be realised.

5 Ask the Experts. Just like the customer session, following the Focus Topic Sessions, the itelligence experts will be available for a virtual roundtable. You can ask the questions that are important to you. These are open sessions, however questions will be moderated to ensure fairness of access.

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