Pets at Home – The Modern Approach to Supporting SAP Improvement and Transformation

What is the true definition of SAP Support these days?

•Is it traditional incident management – log a ticket, fix the issue, close the ticket and move onto the next ticket?
•Is it proactive support for mission critical processes?
•Is it a vendor/client relationship?
•Or is it a partnership that will provide continuous improvement whilst adapting to both business and software change?

Every SAP customer needs some element of support for their SAP environments – whether that be fault fixing, technical support around key activities that maintain your system or complex developments that are required to meet business process changes. However, how you provide that support and how that relationship is defined, can be very different indeed.

So, when we say how do you provide this support, what do we mean? This could be proactive advice and guidance to the internal SAP support team around ‘sweating your assets’ – what can I do to get the best value from my current software stack? Or providing key functional and technical support for the skills your internal team don’t have – but then share the knowledge so your internal teams increase their knowledge and ability to support you. Or what about key out of hours support – peak trading or key financial periods are crucial for this.

Overarching the entire support services is our advisory and guidance for customers. We focus on building a partnership first of all, at a Service Delivery level, and that has been the catalyst for many internal SAP Support Teams to work in partnership with the itelligence Managed Services Team.

itelligence have listened to customers but customers have also listened to itelligence and this has evolved the way forward for supporting their SAP solutions – building that partnership and the Service Delivery Manager focusing on the complete service across both the customer and itelligence, to ensure deadlines are met and deliverables were achieved.

Another key aspect of this support is the nature of quick-win developments. Customers gain knowledge from itelligence when implementing developments, and quickly become the internal consultants supporting them going forward. Together we strengthen the knowledge of the customer’s environments within itelligence’s Managed Services practice. Our customers also get to know the functional and technical experts they are dealing with on a regular basis and the itelligence team get to know the customer’s internal support and business teams. This is backed up by the relationship the customer has with their Service Delivery Manager – who drives the partnership from the top down.

Want to hear more? Why don’t you join me at #itelli2018, our annual SAP Conference, on Wednesday 23rd May at the QEII Centre, London? At 14:10, in the Albert Room, my presentation will explain how the Pets at Home and itelligence Managed Services partnership has delivered real value. Understand how this deep partnership has provided continuous improvement while adapting to both business and software change.

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Written by, Scott Sweeney, Service Delivery Director, itelligence UK



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