SAP BusinessObjects (End User) courses


Training That Will Accelerate Your SAP Web Intelligence  | Designed to give users the ability to access, analyse and report complex Web Intelligence documents using various techniques.

After completing one of our courses, delegates will be able to:

• Define the role of universes, classes, objects, measures, dimensions and details.
• Construct queries using pre-defined and ad-hoc conditions.
• Format reports.
• Manipulate data by applying filters, sorts, breaks calculations and ranking.
• Create cross tabular and financial reports.
• Generate and modify charts.
• Analyse data at different levels of detail.
• Use character and date string functions, create variables using “If” logic, redefine calculation contexts, as well as use advanced reporting techniques such as formatting breaks and using custom sorts.
• Delegates will to learn how to organise, manage, and distribute documents using InfoView.
• Create Web Intelligence documents for their reporting needs.
• Retrieve data by building queries using SAP BusinessObjects universes, and to use Web Intelligence to enhance documents for easier analysis.
• Delegates will be able to design their own reports and share analysis with other users.

Whether you require an intensive or more relaxed approach we offer a variety of different course structures to suit your needs.

To take advantage of current training offers and up to the minute
information on SAP, BPC, Business Objects, Data Services, SuccessFactors
and any other training requirements.

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