Open Water 2017 Initiative

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The Open Water 2017 initiative will give your business the opportunity to compete for over 1 million non-household contracts across the UK. This government mandate will open up the market giving you the potential to grow your non-household revenue stream.

A potential downside of this regulation is conceding existing non-household contracts to your competitors in this open market.

By improving the quality of your data, you can reduce inefficiencies within the billing process, allowing you to be more competitive with your pricing.

Additionally, with the potential that the household market will become deregulated in the not too distant future, having a scalable platform in place to capitalise on this will put companies in the perfect position to exploit this future opportunity.

Our experience within the utilities sector is proving that water companies are struggling to implement a fit for purpose solution that can overcome the data challenges presented by the Open Water Initiative. The 3 main pains we are finding are:

• Data Quality – Are the records that are submitted to the open market system accurate? How can we improve and streamline our billing process and the problems associated?
• Moving Data – How do we extract and transform the relevant data from source and load in to the open market system. Additionally, how do we pull data from the open market system, transform it in to the relevant structure and load in to our source systems?
• Reporting – How do we report on the new data that we have to understand the opportunity that the Open Water initiative presents to us?

itelligence have crafted a solution to these challenges in producing a wholly automated process to communicate with the CMS, pulling down newly supplied inbound transactions and pushing up newly created outbound transactions. This allows you to communicate effectively with the Open Water CMS and ensure you are reporting on accurate data, reducing inefficiencies, and helping to define which newly available contracts it would be most beneficial to target.

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