Application Hosting

Outsourcing all your SAP solutions. Dedicated hardware at itelligence data centres deliver highly personalised services with the highest security, reliability and availability.

Implementation Hosting

Provide project systems for new implementations, upgrades, failure analyses, Sandbox and education systems. You can benefit from no hardware costs, no SAP knowledge needed, no upfront infrastructure investments and fast delivery.

Remote Administration

Takeover of entire administration tasks for SAP Basis and Database Administration which reduces administrative costs through shared resources and provides 24/7 support.

Cloud Services

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud delivers cost-efficient, on-demand and the highest flexibility of only paying for what you need. We can also deliver SAP HANA as a database for non-SAP products.

Outsourcing Consulting

Our services include: sizing, upgrade consulting, migration consulting, Early Watch Service and the Remote Upgrade Service.

Database & Technology

Outsourcing service for SAP HANA and SAP Sybase ASE databases.

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