Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak Policy – itelligence UK


In response to ongoing concerns about Covid-19 we will continuously review and amend our policies and procedures as needed.

Our priorities are to:
• protect our employees, customers and suppliers;
• maintain service levels for our customers; and
• ensure we are compliant with government policy.

Current Operating Model

1. All business air travel has been suspended.

2. Person-to-person contact to be limited:

  • all group gatherings have been suspended;
  • all work that can be done from home should be done from home (the company continues to extend the capabilities of its remote collaboration tools); and
  • our London and Glasgow offices are now closed, with Coventry and Bury open for essential face-to-face meetings only, in accordance with government advice. Social distancing will be practised at all times.

3. Good sanitation and hygiene practices to be followed by all employees and hand sanitiser made freely available in all itelligence locations.

4. Hand-shakes to be avoided.

5. Employees who have recently returned from an affected area, or who exhibit any symptoms associated with Covid-19 will self-quarantine following protocols advised by the Government.

6. Any employees in an “at-risk” group or who live with someone in an “at risk” group shall work from home until further notice.

7. Any request by an employee to reduce their working hours or to take unpaid leave will by sympathetically viewed by the company.


Continuity of Service

All itelligence functions and customer services are available. itelligence UK is part of a global organisation with access to 10,000 people in 22 countries, including most of Europe, the USA, India, Brazil and Malaysia. We have a mature and proven global delivery model that can be used to mitigate local challenges in almost any geography.

From a data protection standpoint itelligence in the UK has exchanged the EU Model Clauses with each of its operating units outside the EEA to ensure compliance with GDPR. Customers who would like to update their data processing agreement should contact our Chief Operating Officer, Philip Newman

Please address any concerns to your account manager or send an e-mail to: [email protected]

Please follow the link below to view our itelligence group policy.


For any questions please feel free to contact us.