The itelligence Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

itelligence Business Solutions (UK) Limited is one of the UK’s leading full-service providers for solutions in the SAP Applications, Analytics, Cloud and Services environment. These services include implementation and business consultancy, system integration, licensing, Managed Services (Maintenance, AMS and Managed Cloud), and education. We are the No1 SAP value added reseller in the UK.

itelligence, in accordance with regulations introduced in 2017, welcomes the opportunity to focus upon all opportunities to close the gender pay gap at each stage of the employee lifecycle and are pleased to report a significant closing of our gender pay gap from median 25% in 2017 to 16% in 2018. We will report on the mean and median gender pay gap, the mean and median gender bonus gap; the proportion of men and women receiving a bonus and the proportion of men and women by quartile pay band for data from a payroll snapshot on 5th April 2018.

Our industry employs a predominantly male employee population and male employees outnumber females at every level in the organisation. Whilst there has been an improvement, there continue to be fewer women applying for our technical roles. This drives a pool of male dominated talent and the gender pay gap. However, we have made a number of senior female appointments and there is evidence of more highly qualified females rising through the industry.

An analysis of our mean gender pay gap of 16% shows that the gap exists because women hold fewer senior positions within the company than men. However, there has been a 7% growth of females in the upper middle pay quartile.

Our bonus gender pay gap of 75% is accounted for by the payment of sales commission to a sales team that was all male. A female has been recently appointed to the team.

We remain committed to encouraging women to apply for all roles within itelligence, especially at senior levels. We have a variety of approaches for both women and men around flexible working, including working from home contracts, flexible working, agreement to a reduced working week and a purchase additional holiday scheme.

A Women in Technology forum was created in 2018 to support and mentor women through training and the promotion process and to ensure, wherever possible that more women are promoted into senior positions within the business. We have also joined the TechTalentCharter that brings together industries and organisations to drive diversity and address gender imbalance in technology roles.

Our principle of appointment and promotion on merit remains in place whilst we offer support to our females to narrow the gender pay gap.

I confirm that our data has been calculated according to the requirements of The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

Deborah A Freeman
HR Director
8th March 2019


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