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Stay Ahead of Customer Expectations by Enhancing Experiences

Provide personalised, high value customer service before, during and after a purchase

Offer Enhanced Experiences with SAP Service Cloud

SAP Service Cloud (formerly SAP Hybris Service Cloud) helps you stay one step ahead of customer expectations, making it easy to offer multiple service channels, access complete and contextual customer information and gain real-time insight into call centre performance.

You can offer a service experience that your customers want with SAP Service Cloud that is completely tailored to their needs. SAP Service Cloud supports you and your customers along the entire purchase process. The customer can get help from a sales representative on site and all parties involved will access the same information about the customer and the product, as the quality of your service significantly influences whether your customer will buy from you again next time. 

SAP Service Cloud offers multi-channel ticketing, real-time service analytics, ERP integration and more:

  • Deliver a consistent service experience across all channels (email, Web, chat and phone)
  • Create a branded self-service support portal to give customers control and access to your knowledge base
  • Provide agents with easy access to complete, contextual and up-to-the-minute customer information
  • Get real-time insight into service performance with powerful analytics and embedded dashboards

SAP Service Cloud to Deliver Optimal Service levels

Comprehensive Self-Services

Customers inform themselves online about all products and share them with other users in communities. If there is a problem, the customer can open a service ticket.

Omni-channel Call Centre

Whether via social media, during a phone call or in online chat: the customer chooses his favourite contact path to your company from various channels.

Proactive Field Service

Your field staff also access relevant data offline – be it about the customer relationship, the purchase process or the product in question.

SAP Field Service Management (FSM, formerly coresystems)

To remain competitive in the long term, complete transparency and control of service processes is essential. With SAP Field Service Management (FSM), in conjunction with the SAP Service Cloud (SAP Hybris Service Cloud), you streamline and standardise your service processes, avoid errors, or prevent delays. Thanks to standard crowd service functionalities, you can respond to service requests faster, more specifically and in real time with SAP FSM.

Key Features of SAP Service Cloud

Multi-Channel Service Ticketing

Allows you to provide a unified agent experience across all interaction channels, including email, Web, chat and phone. Thanks to artificial intelligence, all service tickets can be automatically analysed, categorised and forwarded to the right employee using SAP Service Cloud. In this way, you can resolve customer inquiries faster and improve the quality of your customer service.

In-Context Social Collaboration

Use social collaboration tools to leverage collective expertise, relevant customer information and crowd sourcing in the context of your accounts and service requests.

Knowledge Base Integration

Equip your service agents with integrated information from your existing knowledge base so they can respond intelligently and consistently in real time.

Service Analytics

Provide managers with powerful analytics and easy-to-use dashboards for real-time insight into your team’s customer service performance.

ERP Integration

Easy access to real-time back office information provides insights you need to make the best possible customer service decisions.

Social Customer Service

Engage with customers via social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter to help them quickly resolve their own service queries.

IoT Services

The Internet of Things collects a considerable amount of data. However, this data will only bring you added value if it is linked to the existing data such as master or transaction data and has been integrated into existing processes. When used correctly and tailored, the data generated by the IoT provide insights that not only provides added value, but also improves customer experience.

Self-Service Customer Portal

Allow your customers greater choice and the ability to take control of their service issues from a branded, self-service support portal.

SAP Asset Intelligence Network

The SAP Asset Intelligence Network is a business network in which all information from service providers, plant operators or manufacturers is combined in one platform. This direct and standardised exchange ensures even more efficient and seamless processes.

Predictive Maintenance

Thanks to intelligent systems, predictive maintenance enables the permanent monitoring of connected devices and detects possible problems before they arise and damage occurs. Predictive maintenance can save enormous costs and open up new business models for service departments.

Real-time Customer Service with Crowd Service

The crowd service solution from Coresystems enables you to react immediately to your service requests and send an employee on site. Build up a pool of qualified service technicians from employees, partners, suppliers and freelancers in your own business ecosystem, to always get the perfect specialist with competent expertise for every request.

Customer Loyalty

Your customer service has the task of taking care of the wishes and needs of your customers in the best possible way. In fact, these problems or requirements give you the best chance of increasing customer loyalty. With preventive support, you will exceed your customers’ expectations and set new standards.

SAP Service Cloud: End-to-End Service Management

This video outlines how SAP Service Cloud has everything you need to manage your customer service process, from initial customer contact all the way through to billing.

Deliver Service Excellence that Covers Every Touch Point

Adapt and offer an end-to-end customer service experience. Accommodate low-touch and high complex interactions as well as field service, all from one source.

Help Customers Get the Results They Want

Go beyond traditional service and support interactions with customer-driven experiences. Deliver end-to-end service excellence with a simplified technology landscape.

Partnering with itelligence for SAP Service Cloud

As SAP customer experience specialists, we offer a true end-to-end service with proven expertise in global roll outs and welcome the opportunity to enact your digital journey. Together, we will help you enhance your customer experiences, enter new business channels, create more opportunities, and increase conversions – utilising SAP cutting-edge technology.

Our technical experts possess a wealth of experience, delivering SAP Service Cloud implementations and supporting existing SAP Hybris Service Cloud solutions across various industry sectors, spanning high street retailers to utility companies, in both B2B and B2C markets.

With over 10,000 specialists in 25 countries, we have already completed over 200 customer experience projects globally with customers benefiting from design led customer experience skills, extensive SAP ERP integration experience and advanced analytics capability. This unique combination of SAP expertise, positions itelligence as the end-to-end digital agency for accelerating your journey to the ‘Intelligent Enterprise’.

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