SAP Business Planning & Consolidation (BPC) is an application that forms part of the SAP Enterprise Performance Management suite of software. It is an application dedicated to the enterprise wide requirements surrounding budgeting, planning, forecasting, consolidation and reporting through the use of a single unified platform allowing for reduced administration and support requirements in areas such as model creation and security.

Through the use of its intuitive administration console SAP BPC is owned by the business, its key points of access and reporting are via Microsoft Office, an intuitive web interface and via mobile deployment on tablets enabling the end user to have a common view of processes, reports and input templates irrespective of the medium employed.



of finance executives see time as their greatest obstacle. 


of finance executives believe at least half their time should be on high-value planning and analytic activities.


think their company’s success will depend on adapting to the rapid pace of change.

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SAP BPC – two versions

SAP BPC is available in two discrete versions, one for clients whose landscape is not typically SAP, built on Microsoft’s latest SQL Server platform and a version for those whose landscape is predominantly SAP using the SAP NetWeaver platform. Both versions are fully supported by SAP with upgrades and modifications being released for each platform.

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SAP BPC can be configured to run with SAP HANA

For organisations with requirements for planning at a significant level of detail and in need of a solution to support high data volumes, predictive capabilities and where the speed of simulations and instant insight is critical then SAP BPC can be configured to run on the latest in memory platform, SAP HANA.

SAP BPC – The itelligence Value Proposition

Organisations across the globe are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs and improve top-line growth, this typically means being able to run a number of scenarios which demonstrate the financial impacts of various strategies to achieve the corporate goals. SAP BPC is uniquely placed to enable these activities to be undertaken in a timely fashion across the enterprise through the use of common tools enabling the removal of batch processes and data silos associated with the use of distributed spreadsheet workbooks. Combined with the inherent functionality of SAP BPC, itelligence have designed a number of unique rapid implementation starter kits which combine the best practice we have learnt from global implementations across our hundreds of clients.


Discover the Benefits of SAP BPC for your role


“As a strategic consultant to the CEO, I require quick, consolidated financial information to aid decision making that supports long-term growth and maximizes profit. With SAP BPC I gain a much clearer view of our business’s financial situation. It provides an excellent foundation for sound decisions and planning at any time.”

SAP upgrades and migrations
Anne van Strade, CFO


“I need to plan, budget, forecast, and create better quality financial reports in less time. Having multiple versions of the truth doesn’t make my work any easier. What I need is consistent and reliable data. SAP BPC reduces my workload and cost, and I always see where my entire team is in the consolidation and planning process.”

SAP Consultant

Bill Richards, Finance


“I require all figures from all departments and geographies at a glance. But consolidating financial data becomes a real challenge when it has to be gathered from multiple diverse systems in different locations. SAP BPC puts an end to lengthy data aggregation processes and system complexities, enabling me to more quickly and easily obtain the full picture.”

Jens Christian Derdau Sørensen

Arne Norhanson, Controlling


SAP BPC Rapid Implementation Starter Kits

  • Reduce Risk – Proven Best Practice Design learnt from hundreds of implementations
  • Reduce Time to Value – Pre-configured “starter for 10”, all common features and functions pre-built
  • Reduce Implementation Cost – Final Mile Configuration only as common features pre-built

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