SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign and Digital Transformation

SAP ByDesign and Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is changing everything and its impact on how your business works, interacts, and sells is massive. Taking full advantage of this new digital economy means looking into new markets, new business plans and new ways to run your company which ultimately requires new business management applications to support your goals. Modern and modular, SAP Business ByDesign was designed in the cloud. Created specifically to help midsize businesses grow rapidly, this innovative business management suite includes SAP-proven best practices that simplify operations, governance and control.


SAP Business ByDesign: Delivered Fast and Cost-effectively

SAP Business ByDesign - Delivered Fast and Cost-effectivelySAP Business ByDesign is a cloud-based, fully integrated, on-demand, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that is designed for all types of small to medium sized businesses and subsidiaries of larger enterprises. The solution is a core part of the SAP cloud portfolio and is specifically designed to provide the benefits of a large scale business management application without the need for a large IT infrastructure.

With SAP ByDesign you can replace your spreadsheets, your accounting packages, your order management and your distribution solutions with one single package with:

  • Robust cloud-based functionality that is fast to implement, easy to learn and simple to support
  • The next-generation SAP user experience that delivers a simple and clean interface
  • All the advanced analytics and mobile features you’d expect like business analytics, KPI trends, customer activity, project updates and much more
  • Powerful cloud innovation technology and business configuration that delivers superior personalisation


SAP Business ByDesign Business Benefits

Business benefits of SAP Business ByDesign

  • Comprehensive: Run your entire business on a single solution
  • One complete solution (not a bolt on) and designed with one line of code for everything
  • Fully integrated to existing business systems
  • Insightful: Integrated analytics gives you a real-time view of your business
  • Affordable: Predictable, all-inclusive subscription-based pricing
  • Scalable: Add modules as you expand and grow



itelligence & SAP Business ByDesign

itelligence and SAP Business ByDesignitelligence is the largest SAP Business ByDesign partner in the UK. We have the expertise to implement SAP ByDesign into all sizes of businesses with references in Professional Services, Sport and Manufacturing. We are also one of the very few partners in the world to have ‘platinum’ partnership status in SAP ByDesign. This gives us access to SAP’s roadmaps, advanced knowledge of any changes and updates, and a direct relationship with developers at SAP.

itelligence is a full SAP Service Provider with extensive SAP capability, vast industry expertise and global reach. Our ByDesign practice designs, delivers and integrates SAP cloud solutions to introduce modern business applications with minimal demands on IT. Our unique positioning as a leading SAP Cloud Applications and SAP Analytics partner enables itelligence to transform businesses with a fully integrated, on-demand, business management solution with added data driven insight. Unlike other ByDesign consultancies, itelligence has skills in building and supporting ALL of the ByDesign modules and can help guide your business through the process of moving your current solutions to SAP Business ByDesign.


SAP Business ByDesign Expertise

There are many ways to learn more about SAP Business ByDesign. Please download the white papers, brochures, video and e-book listed below:

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Watch the video: Change the Game with SAP Business ByDesign


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