Core Functionality of SAP Business ByDesign

Core functionality of SAP Business ByDesign

Core functionality of SAP Business ByDesign

The cloud-based solution has been designed to solve all of your business problems with a single solution, delivered through a number of different ERP modules that can be added, either all in one go, or as you need them. All SAP application modules and sections are designed to work together and give you a real-time view of your business processes.


Our SAP Business ByDesign ERP modules include:

Financials – financial and management accounting and cash-flow management providing a real-time view of your businesses financial condition.

Customer relationship management – The CRM module covers sales (including account and activity management, new business and sales planning), marketing development, campaign management, and customer service solutions including service and repair.

Human resources management – Helps define and manage your business’ organisational structure with self-service modules.

Project management – Create projects, see the status of a project and manage them day to day.

Supply chain management – This SAP module covers supply chain planning, management and control, and includes modules for manufacturing, warehousing and logistics.

Supplier relationship management – Manage your relationships with your suppliers, streamline your procurement processes and see where cost reductions can be made.

Compliance management – This SAP module helps maintain compliance with ever changing regulations and legislation.

Executive management support – Includes features to help management teams control the business and make better strategic decisions about the business.


Integrating SAP Business ByDesign

Integrating SAP Business ByDesignSAP Business ByDesign is designed to produce a real-time view of your business, but to do this correctly, ByDesign needs to see all of your data, from financial information, stock levels, customer and supplier information through to orders and product information. SAP Business ByDesign includes a rapid implementation methodology that integrates all of your current data sources. At itelligence our skilled SAP developers have years of experience integrating all sorts of data into ByDesign, from importing data directly from Excel spreadsheets, bringing in contacts from Microsoft Outlook, through to integrating data from proprietary IT solutions.


itelligence out of the box integration

The modular nature of SAP Business ByDesign allows you to pick and choose where to start your ERP business improvement journey and supports your evolution to continuous business improvement at your own speed. For example, if you already have a CRM system that you’re happy with, then itelligence can integrate SAP processes and CRM packages into SAP Business ByDesign. We have over 250 pre-built web-services that can integrate a wide range of solutions into ByDesign from CRM systems through to CAD systems and e-commerce packages.


itelligence ByDesign training and preparation

Two key elements of a successful ByDesign-SAP integration project are getting your staff to understand the needs of a real-time ERP system and to make sure that all of your data is integrated and correct. At itelligence we can help you train staff to prepare them for a move to ByDesign and we can help avoid future problems by auditing and cleansing your business data before it’s entered into your new application.


SAP Business ByDesign Expertise

There are many ways to learn more about SAP Business ByDesign. Please download the white papers, brochures, video and e-book listed below:

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