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SAP Support
Your SAP systems must be available, reliable, wherever and whenever you need them. You can realise these fundamental requirements, with SAP hosting and outsourcing from itelligence, quickly and easily and thus be free to concentrate on your core business. SAP is our core business!

The demands on your SAP systems are high. You can only achieve guaranteed availability, high flexibility and protection from intruders by building up and maintaining a corresponding infrastructure and with a great deal of know-how. This continually ties up personnel and material resources, which are then no longer available to take care of your company’s actual business processes. Why are you still operating your SAP landscape yourself?

SAP Global Hosting Partner – Worldwide

itelligence operates modern data centres in Germany, Denmark, Malaysia, Poland, Switzerland and in the USA, and looks after all SAP solutions and releases at these locations. As an international player and certified SAP Global Hosting Partner, we operate SAP and IT landscapes, worldwide, for midmarket and group affiliated companies.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Our employees are experienced administrators as well as network, database and operating system specialists, who are versed in the latest technologies and all SAP products. In our data centres we host all SAP applications (such as ECC, SCM, Portals, etc.).

We provide hardware, software, administration and support at an attractive monthly fixed price. Make use of our modern, safe infrastructure together with our experience of many years in SAP Outsourcing.

SAP Outsourcing – Hosting Services

Within the scope of SAP Outsourcing, we offer the following services so that you can rely on the availability of your SAP landscape at all times. We also offer many of these services in the form of remote services, if desired:

  • Understanding clearly the agreed service and support concepts
    • High availability scenarios
    • 3-shift operation for a 24 x 7 service
    • Disaster protection
  • Professional and continual maintenance/updates, monitoring and further development of your SAP or IT landscape
  • Realisation of the agreed data backup and archiving concepts
  • Provision of selected, future-proof hardware and software components
  • Use of our modern and safe infrastructure in the itelligence data centers providing, among other things:
    • 24 x 7 security guards
    • Emergency power supplies
    • Fire alarm systems
    • Multi-level safety zones
    • Air conditioning
  • Most modern and environmentally technologies
  • Proactive monitoring for all hardware and software components
  • Supplementary services such as archiving, PI, fax connection, etc.

Guaranteed Security

Besides numerous customer and sector-specific audits (ISAE 3402 (SOX), GxP/FDA, etc.) we are also verified by SAP AG as an SAP Global Hosting Partner and SAP Global Partner Cloud Services to assess the security and quality of our organisation and processes. We also comply with ISO/IEC 20000-1:2005 and 27001:2005.

Additional Services

In addition to classical SAP Outsourcing, itelligence also offers further services:

  • SAP Implementation Hosting: When the project outruns the infrastructure!
  • IT-Outsourcing: SAP doesn’t run on all systems!
  • Web and eCommerce Services: Your customers need you 24 hours a day!
  • Remote Services: The helping hand for your IT operation!
  • WAN-Services: Long lines are in good hands with us!
  • Archive Services: Data center security for long-term storage as well!

SAP Hosting - Enterprise Development

Analysis and Development

We analyse your systems and processes and evaluate your optimisation potential.

Concept Development

We define objectives and develop with you a solution that fits your needs best.


Based on our industry experience we create prototypes to make your project transparent and verifiable at any time.

Solution implementation

We implement the solution and make final adjustments. If it is required we will roll out the solution at your international locations as well.

Solution at work

While your solution contributes to your business success we take care of maintenance and support.

Advantages of SAP Outsourcing from itelligence

Our customers make use of the advantages of SAP Outsourcing from itelligence:

  • Service: Take advantage of our large support and service organisation. Take advantage, for example, of 24 x 7 support. Concentrate on your core business, for SAP is our core business.
  • Expert know-how: You profit from our employees’ special know-how in all SAP products and versions. In addition, you no longer need to acquire and keep this knowledge yourself.
  • Flexibility: Through growth, restructuring or company acquisitions, for example, new demands on your SAP system arise constantly. Together with you, we will realise these demands quickly and flexibly.
  • Security: You benefit from the most up-to-date security technologies in our data centres and have the highest possible level of data security.
  • Cost reduction and transparency: You minimise the fixed costs incurred for the operation of your SAP landscape and pay only for the services that you use (transparent billing). In addition, you avoid investment costs for hardware and software and for the security infrastructure.

Our experience shows that every industry has its own specific IT requirements, owing to their different processes. This is why at itelligence, IT and industry specialists work in close collaboration to produce your solution.

Top-level IT Outsourcing

itelligence offers its customers own data centres in Germany, Denmark, Malaysia, Poland, Switzerland and the United States where we host more than 400 customers with over 80,000 users.

itelligence is the only SAP Partner certified for all of the following titles: “SAP Global Partner Hosting”, “SAP Global Partner Application Management Services”, and “Global Partner Cloud Services”, and (in 2012) received the SAP Pinnacle Award “IT Outsourcing and Cloud Services Provider of the Year”.

SAP competence

itelligence is a leading international IT fullservice provider in the SAP environment, employing more than 2,800 highly qualified employees in 22 countries. Founded in 1989, the company offers a range of services that include SAP consulting, SAP licensing, outsourcing & services, and self-developed SAP industry solutions.

Your business in the spotlight

itelligence has developed and successfully implemented most of the SAP certified SAP All-in-One industry solutions worldwide. To enable us to provide consulting and solutions that create added value and are oriented toward the future, we
have invested in professional industry knowledge. You’ll only be able to implement technological developments to sustain your competitive advantage in the long term if we can speak your language.

SAP industry solutions

itelligence SAP All-in-One industry solutions are preconfigured for the typical business processes of a specific industry, thus enabling costs and implementation times, in particular, to be radically reduced. Other benefits include almost unlimited scalability and a high level of flexibility, as well as increased productivity and cost control.

SAP hosting resources

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