Data Warehouse Design Training

Data Warehouse Design

DW_DWD – Training for fundamentals of Data Warehouse Design

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This two-day training course will cover all of the fundamentals of data warehouse design, according to the principles of dimensional modelling design. By the end of the two days delegates will have successfully identified user requirements and resolved them.

Please note that you must have already attended the Successful Data Warehousing and have some knowledge of relational database concepts to be able to successfully complete this training.

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Data Warehouse Design Content:

Duration: 2 days

Over the course of the two day data warehouse course the following topics will be covered:

  • Analysis and design
  • The data dimension
  • Other popular dimensions
  • Design the fact table – including aggregates, snapshots and coverage
  • Tracking history
  • Vertical and horizontal hierarchy flattering
  • Data quality issues and the population process

Data Warehouse Design Goals:

By the end of the two days attendees should be able to:

  • Gather user requirements, ensuring that all the relevant information is included
  • Understand the project workflow and the purpose of the project
  • Design a Data Warehouse as a series of interlocking star schema data marts, according to dimensional modelling design principles
  • Resolve many user requirements including tracking history, aggregate tables and recursive relationships.

Data Warehouse Design Prerequisites:

In order to be successful in this training delegates must have attended the Successful Data Warehousing course already. It is also required that everybody have some experience or basic knowledge of relational database concepts such as attributes, primary keys and foreign keys, joins, tables and lookup tables.

Data Warehouse Design Audience:

This data warehouse course is primarily targeted at those in an organisation that are responsible for designing and implementing a data warehouse.

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