BEx Training – BW Query Designer

BEx Training – BW Query Designer

BW101 – Business Warehouse Training for BEx Query Designer

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This is an intense three-day training course intended to introduce delegates to the power of reporting using the Business Explorer Query Designer within SAP Business Warehouse. You do not need to have used the system before, however, a basic knowledge of data warehousing is strongly recommended. A series of practical session will take you through how to create queries, use its complex features and format the resulting reports.

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BEx Query Designer Content:

Duration: 3 days

SAP Business Warehouse

  • Introduction to SAP Business Warehouse and architecture
  • Overview of development methodology in SAP Business Warehouse
  • Info Objects
  • Info Providers
  • SAP Business Warehouse Data Flow
  • Data extraction and scheduling
  • Business Content

Bex Query Designer

  • Logging into Bex Query Designer
  • Navigate and search in Bex Query Designer
  • Opening a query
  • Naming Conventions
  • Logging out of Bex Query Designer
  • Workshop: Accessing Bex Query Designer

Query Designer Functions and Components

  • Bex Query Designer Toolbar
  • Bex Query Designer Key Components
  • Dimensions, Characteristics and Key Figures
  • Filter Restrictions
  • Characteristic and Key Figure Properties
  • Default Values
  • Workshop: Understanding Functions and Components

Developing Queries

  • Creating a query
  • Editing a query
  • Saving a Query
  • Filling Rows and Columns
  • Creating Restricted Key Figures
  • Creating Calculated Key Figures
  • Using the Formula editor and Boolean Operators
  • Workshop: Defining Restricted and Calculated Key Figures


  • Understanding Variable types
  • Creating Variable processed by manual Input/Default Value
  • Creating Variable processed by Replacement Patch
  • Workshop: Creating Variables

Query Properties

  • Descriptions
  • Changing Display Properties
  • Sorting Data
  • Creating Bex Query Structure
  • Workshop: Query Properties
  • Workshop: Creating Bex Query Structure

Additional features

  • Usage of Hierarchies
  • Creating Exceptions
  • Creating Conditions/Ranking
  • Creating Bex Currency Conversion
  • Workshop: Creating Exceptions
  • Workshop: Creating Conditions
  • Workshop: Creating a Currency Conversion

Analysing Data (Analysis for Office)

  • Using drill down
  • Workshop (used in all previous sections): Data Analysis

BEx Query Designer Goals:

By the end of the 3 days, delegate will be able to:

  • Fully understand BEx Query Designer components and main features such as Characteristics and Key Figures
  • Create restricted and calculated key figures, and applying formulas
  • Design and Develop queries using pre-defined and custom object components, and understanding its properties
  • Apply the usage of Variables/prompts and understand the type of variables available
  • Manipulate data by applying filters, sorts, conditions and exceptions.
  • Create structures, use hierarchies and convert currencies.
  • Analyse data in SAP Analysis for Office.

BEx Query Designer Prerequisites:

In order to be successful on this training course, a basic knowledge of data warehousing is essential.

BEx Query Designer Audience:

This BEx training session is intended for dashboard and report developers.

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