HTML5 Training for SAPUI5

HTML5 Training for SAPUI5

SAPX04 – Foundation HTML5 Training for SAPUI5

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Over two day’s training delegates will be introduced to the basics of web programming techniques, in order to gain a foundational understanding of HTML5. The course will look at HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery. This course is a necessity for anybody wishing to progress to more advanced SAP SAPUI5 courses, and especially if a developer is new to the field of web development. Through a number of hands-on exercises attendees will gain experience with HTML5 – skills which can be built upon in follow up SAPUI5 training courses.

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HTML5 Training Content:

Duration: 2 days

Over the course of the two days the HTML5 course will cover the following topics:

  • Overview of HTML5
  • Creation of HTML and CSS styles
  • JavaScript Development
  • jQuery Development

HTML5 Training Goals:

By the end of the two days the HTML5 course will enable delegates to:

  • Create web pages using basic CSS3 and HTML5
  • Develop web pages that are more interactive through JavaScript programming
  • Further improve web page development by using parts of jQuery and jQueryUI

HTML5 Training Prerequisites:

In order to be successful on this HTML5 training course it is essential the delegates have the following competencies:

  • Basic web skills and experiences such as working with a browser
  • Basic understanding of what programming is about and willingness to write code
  • Experience with files and folders, editing source code, using an integrated development environment like Eclipse

HTML5 Training Audience:

This HTML5 course is aimed primarily at technology consultants and developers.

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