Microsoft Integration Services Training

Microsoft Integration Services Training

SSIS – Training for Microsoft SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services)

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This is a three-day training course designed to equip attendees with the skills to automate complex migration tasks and monitor the success or failure of migration processes within Microsoft SSIS. This training will also help you to prepare for the Microsoft professional certification exams.

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Microsoft Integration Services Content:

Duration: 3 days

Introduction to Integration Services

  • Defining SQL Server Integration Services
  • Exploring the need for migrating diverse data
  • The role of Business Intelligence (BI)

SSIS Architecture and Tools

  • Managing heterogeneous date
  • Leveraging the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) capabilities of SSIS
  • Running wizards for basic migrations
  • Creating packages for complex tasks
  • llustrating SSIS architecture
  • Distinguishing between data flow pipeline and package runtime
  • Executing packages on the client side or hosted in the SSIS service
  • Bulletproofing a package with package environment configurations
  • Simplifying deployments
  • Switching between project and package deployment modes
  • Deploying packages to the SSISDB
  • Running packages from SQL Server
  • Leveraging package parameters

Implementing Tasks and Containers

  • Utilising basic SSIS objects
  • Configuring connection managers
  • Adding data flow tasks to packages
  • Reviewing progress with data viewers
  • Assembling tasks to perform complex data migrations
  • Migrating multiple files with FOREACH container
  • Operating system level tasks
  • Copying, moving and deleting files
  • Transferring files with the FTP task
  • Communicating with external sources
  • Sending messages through mail
  • Processing XML
  • Iterating XML nodes
  • Writing XML files from databases

Extending Capabilities with Scripting

  • Writing expressions
  • Making properties dynamic with variables
  • Utilising expressions in loop iterations
  • Script Task
  • Extending functionality with the Script Task
  • Debugging, breakpoints, watches

Transforming with the Data Flow Task

  • Performing transforms on columns
  • Converting and calculating columns
  • Transforming with Character Map
  • Profiling, combining and splitting data
  • Merge, Union, Conditional Split
  • Multicasting and converting data
  • Manipulating row sets and BLOB data
  • Aggregate, sort, audit and look up data
  • Importing and exporting BLOB data
  • Redirecting error rows
  • Performing database operations
  • Executing a SQL task
  • Bulk inserting data from text files

Microsoft Integration Services Goals:

The aim of this training course is to enable the delegates to use the SSIS Application comprehensively.

Microsoft Integration Services Prerequisites:

There are a number of required competencies delegates must possess in order to be successful on this training course:

  • Conceptual understanding of OLAP solutions.
  • Experience navigating the Microsoft Windows Server environment.
  • Experience with Windows services (starting and stopping).
  • Experience creating service accounts and permissions.
  • Experience with Microsoft SQL Server, including:
  • SQL Server Agent.
  • SQL Server query language (SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE).
  • SQL Server System tables.
  • SQL Server accounts (users and permissions)

Microsoft Integration Services Audience:

This SSIS training is designed for ETL Developers, Data Architects and Report Developers.

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