SAPUI5 User Experience Training – Advanced

SAPUI5 User Experience Training – Advanced

SAPX06 – SAPUI5 training for advanced development of User Experience

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This three-day training course is intended to give delegates a detailed understanding of the SAPUI5 framework, the SAP User Experience design methodology and the overall SAP UX design principles for building Fiori Apps. Attendees will be exposed to coding with MVC advanced UI controls, so some JavaScript and HTML5 experience is essential. The course will also cover advanced perform application extensibility, advanced deployment options and data handling techniques. Delegates will be given the chance to build their own SAP Fiori-like application Fiori’s design guideline and SAPUI5. This hands-on experience will give you the competitive edge when looking at the framework’s more advanced development features.

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Advanced SAPUI5 User Experience Content:

Duration: 3 days

The SAPUI5 course will cover the following topics:

  • SAP User Experience and SAPUI5 Strategy
  • Describe SAP User Experience design methods for SAP Fiori-like Application
  • Explain how SAPUI5 Aligns with the Overall SAP User Experience strategy for Online and Mobile Apps
  • Describe Use Cases for Fiori Apps
  • MVC Review and Advanced UI Controls
  • Describe MVC and Application Architecture Best Practices
  • Bind Data to a SAPUI5 Control
  • Explain the role of SAP Gateway for Data Access
  • Review the OData Model
  • Describe SAPUI5 Best Practices for Application Development
  • Explain Advanced Features of the Standard UI Controls
  • Describe Key Responsive Design Controls
  • Describe how to Leverage the Features of the Standard Controls in the SAPUI5 Framework
  • Describe how to Implement Custom Controls using the SAPUI5 Framework
  • Advanced Data Handling
  • Describe how to Access Backend Data by the Way of OData-specific Data Binding Feature
  • Implement Data Binding using XML Data
  • Describe the OData Write-Support
  • Describe and Perform Tasks Associated with Adding, Updating and Deleting Backend Data from within a SAPUI5 Application
  • Implement a Facet Filter Control
  • Implement in App Navigation and Deep Linking
  • Application Extensibility
  • Explain Extension Capabilities in SAPUI5
  • Describe Other Types of Extensibility in SAPUI5 Application
  • Deployment Options
  • Describe the SAP HANA Cloud Platform Deployment Options for SAPUI5 Applications
  • Explore the Disparate ABAP Deployment Options for SAPUI5 Applications
  • Perform Kapsel Integration

Advanced SAPUI5 User Experience Goals:

By the end of the three days delegates will be able to:

  • Describe the advanced features of the SAP SAPUI5 Framework
  • Explain the SAPUI5 application architectures
  • Perform advanced development techniques
  • Describe deployment methods for SAP SAPUI5 projects
  • Develop custom SAP Fiori-like web and mobile applications

Advanced SAPUI5 User Experience Prerequisites:

In order to be successful on this training course attendees must have already completed the SAPX05 course or have equivalent JavaScript and HTML5 experience.

Advanced SAPUI5 User Experience Audience:

This training course is designed for a number of job roles, including technology and developer consultants, business process owners and developers.

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