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SQL Training

SQL – Training for SQL for Business Intelligence

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Join this one-day training course to gain the technical skills required to maximise the capabilities of SQL for Business Intelligence. Delegates will be taught how to write basic SQL queries on either Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server. This course is ideal for Business Intelligence developers who would like to gain an in-depth understanding of SQL’s ability to extract important data from their organisation to make efficient business decisions.

It is recommended that those who wish to further their knowledge and skills in this area also attend the Data Warehousing ETL Process course we offer.

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SQL Training Content:

Duration: 1 day

Getting Started with Databases and SQL

  • Overview of SQL server databases
  • Overview and syntax elements SQL
  • Working with SQL scripts
  • Using SQL querying tools
  • Using SQL server management studio

Querying and Filtering Data

  • Using the SELECT statement
  • Filtering data
  • Working with NULL values
  • Formatting result Sets
  • Performance considerations for writing queries
  • Querying and filtering data

Joining Data from Multiple Tables

  • Querying multiple tables by using joins
  • Applying joins for typical reporting needs
  • Combining and limiting result set

Grouping & Summarising Data

  • Summarising data by using aggregate functions
  • Summarising grouped data
  • Ranking grouped data
  • Creating crosstab queries
  • Grouping and summarising data

Working with Sub-queries

  • Writing basic sub queries
  • Writing correlated sub queries
  • Comparing sub queries with joins and temporary tables
  • Using common table expressions (CTE)
  • Working with sub-queries

Modifying Data in Tables

  • Inserting data into tables
  • Deleting data from tables
  • Updating data in tables
  • Overview of transactions
  • Modifying data in tables

Using programming objects for Data Retrieval

  • Creation of views
  • Creation of user-defined functions
  • Creation of stored procedures
  • Overview of triggers
  • Writing distributed queries

SQL Training Goals:

By the end of the SQL training delegates will be able to:

  • Use querying tools.
  • Write SELECT queries to retrieve data.
  • Group and summarize data by using SQL.
  • Join data from multiple tables.

SQL Training Prerequisites:

In order to be successful on this SQL training course it is recommended that attendees have experience with basic relational databases.

SQL Training Audience:

This course is appropriate for any job roles required to write SQL queries, and in particular business intelligence developers.

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